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There’s So Much Investor Subsidy In The Delivery Business Model, Says Domino’s CEO

“What we’re going to see here in the near term is that there’s so much investor subsidy into that (delivery) business model right now,” says Domino’s CEO Ritch Allison. “We’re not really sure where it’s going to shake out long term. There’s substantial discounting and over-investment in advertising right now to drive
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Domino’s AI-Powered ‘Piedentifier’ Stars in New Ad Campaign

Domino’s software engineers and digital ad team have created a unique AI-powered ‘Piedentifier’ to launch it’s Super Bowl week marketing blitz. Domino’s is encouraging people to send in a photo of any pizza, even if you made it yourself, and it’s system will determine what type of pizza it is and give
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Domino’s Pizza: How it plans to become the ‘official food of everything’

Boyce spoke about the number of tactics Domino’s has used to put itself in the position of pizza market leader – “owning 21% of the market share”. The overarching social strategy that he highlighted was Domino’s’ ‘three layers of digital’ – categorised as ‘unifying national moments’, ‘passion points’, and ‘everyday occasions’ – which
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Domino’s CEO Talks Tech – Watch Autonomous Car Deliver Pizza

Domino’s Pizza continues to implement innovative technology to maintain it’s competitive edge in the pizza business. Domino’s ran ads over the summer promoting Hotspots where you could have pizza delivered to over 150,000 locations. The company has also been on the cutting edge of technology in its use of autonomous vehicles that