Three-Phase Electric Power Explained >

Electrical engineering has a reputation for being mysterious, which is why the term “magic smoke” became a running inside joke among electrical engineers and technicians. However, a working knowledge of electrical engineering principles can be incredibly useful even if you’re not an electrical engineer—especially if you have to work with one! With that in mind, …

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What Is Industry 4.0, Anyway? >

“You say you got a real solution Well, you know We’d all love to see the plan.” – The Beatles The four industrial revolutions: (1) Mechanization through water and steam power. (2) Mass production and assembly lines powered by electricity. (3) Computerization and automation. (4) Smart factories and cyber-physical systems. If you’ve been …

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Skills They Don’t Teach in Engineering School >

When you first decided to become an engineer, developing a strong personal brand probably wasn’t anywhere on your to-do list. However, in today’s highly competitive world where expertise is easily showcased and sought after, personal branding has become an important pathway to success — and the engineering field is no exception. A few years …

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