Bullish forecast predicts 31 million Americans will ‘shop’ on their smart speakers in 2019

There’s contradictory evidence surrounding consumer adoption of smart speakers for search and commerce. Multiple surveys indicate growth but other data suggest smart speakers have not emerged as a commerce platform. However, eMarketer’s new smart speaker shopping forecast paints a very bullish picture of the future of “voice shopping.” 31 million voice shoppers.

How Google’s New Layout Predicts the Future of SEO

When you think about SEO and what’s changed over the last 5 years, what comes to your mind? Chances are, it’s something related to how it’s harder to get rankings on Google. But why has it gotten harder to get more organic traffic? Well, if you ask most SEOs, they’ll say it’s
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Michael Dell Predicts in 10 Years More Computed Data on the Edge Than Cloud

“The surprise outcome ten years from now is there’ll be something much bigger than the private cloud and the public cloud,” says Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell. “It’s the edge. I actually think there will be way more computed data on the edge in ten years than any of the derivatives of