Instagram Adds New Warnings for Accounts Which Are Close to Being Banned

[ad_1] Instagram is adding a new, time-based measurement on policy violations, which will also see the implementation of a new warning for accounts close to being banned. [ad_2] Source link

Instagram Adds New Anti-Bullying Measures, Including Comment Warnings and User Restrictions

[ad_1] Instagram is adding some new measures to help stamp out on-platform bullying, including new automated comment warnings and the capacity to restrict selected users. [ad_2] Source link

Twitter Adds New Warnings on 'Anti-Vax' Related Searches

[ad_1] Twitter has added a new warning tag on searches related to vaccines and their related concerns. [ad_2] Source link

5 Blogger Warnings – Blogging Tips

[ad_1] Small businesses come in many different forms, but for those that focus on physical products over services, building a blog can be challenging. After all, how many ways can you talk about office supplies, bedding, or lamps? Over time, it can start to seem repetitive. Related blog posts and resources: Facing this uphill battle, …

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Warnings Are Your Friend – A Code Quality Primer

[ad_1] If there’s one thing C is known and (in)famous for, it’s the ease of shooting yourself in the foot with it. And there’s indeed no denying that the freedom C offers comes with the price of making it our own responsibility to tame and keep the language under control. On the bright side, since …

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Google Search Console is Sending Warnings About Slow-Loading Pages

[ad_1] Google is sending warnings to webmasters via Search Console, notifying them of slow-loading pages. What makes these new warnings particularly interesting is they reference measurement data from the Chrome User Experience Report, and specifically mention the importance of the following metrics: First Contentful Paint: The point immediately after navigation when a browser renders pixels …

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