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Some niches and topic areas tend to be more profitable than others on the Internet. That’s partly because the advertisers in that space compete more aggressively with one another because the potential profitability is that much greater. One such vertical is the health and beauty space. If you’ve been looking for an excellent affiliate network to focus on nutra offers, Everad seems to be that network.

What’s the Deal with Everad?

Positioned as a global direct advertiser and CPA network targeting the health and beauty industry, Everad positions itself as one of the biggest and most experienced affiliate networks in the space. They offer six years of expertise, producing converting offers for practically any country. Because you can work with traffic from just about anywhere and because Everad works on providing the best possible CPA offers, you as the affiliate end up reaping the benefits of the highest EPC (earnings per click) possible.

While there is always room for improvement and while you can always tweak your approach to maximize your bottom line, Everad encourages you to just start a campaign and check out the results without massive optimization. You might even surprise yourself.

Unlike many other affiliate networks in this space specifically and among affiliate marketing in general, Everad is a direct advertiser. What this means is that they actually have exclusive products made under their own trademark, working to provide the best in their respective categories. This results in higher conversions and unique products. If the conversion rate doesn’t exceed other networks by at least 10 percent, you can email them to increase the payout to compensate.

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Offer Summary

Perhaps in an effort to provide greater transparency, Everad allows anyone to browse and search through their list of offers even without signing up or signing into an account. You get a short and full description of the products being promoted, the targeted eligible countries, the payment amount, the hold period, and more.

As you browse through through the over 100 in-house COD offers, you’ll find that they approach such niches as diet, skin care, vitamins and supplements, adult products, cosmetics and more. You get the highest payouts in the industry with wide geographical coverage. Even though there are five new offers every month, the “old” offers don’t run down and can be used for years. This saves you a lot of time, because setting up your traffic sources and landing pages can result in plenty of passive income down the line for years to come.

Key Analytics

If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing, as with any other kind of business, you need to stay on top of your numbers and optimize your efforts accordingly. Everads arms you with such data.

The platform supports up to five subaccounts, as well as UTM-marks, postback URLs, and TrafficBack URLs. Statistics are updated live in your affiliate dashboard, literally giving you up-to-the-second data so you have the most recent and relevant data available. You can determine, for example, what gender or age is best suited for every campaign you create. As a result, you can reduce your advertising costs and improve your conversion rate based on the ideal targeting parameters.

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Another useful feature is something that they call Boost. With this, you can get +30% to your commissions for seven days or on your first 500 approved leads. This gives you that added incentive when you want to test any campaign. With Boost enabled, you are guaranteed that your campaigns won’t “turn red” even if you don’t have much affiliate marketing experience.

Payment Details

As far as payments go, you have many convenient payment methods to choose from after registration. This includes payments to WMR wallets from the WebMoney system, as well as via ePayments, bank wire and PayPal. You just have to place a withdrawal request via the “Finances” section in your dashboard. The minimum payout amount is $50 and payments are processed daily.

If you’ve got traffic in the nutra vertical and you’re looking for high conversions and top payouts, give Everad a try. With nine call centers around the world and 1000+ operators, detailed statistics, unbeatable commissions, and uniquely designed, high quality products, Everad is a solid option in the health and beauty affiliate marketing industry.

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