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Keyword Sheeter the newest creation from Velit Research. The site aims to help marketers find better keywords to promote their content via SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In today’s world, marketers are having to compete more than ever in order to increase their rankings. They could find success with the addition of this new keyword tool that shows google search volume and more.

A New Kind of Keyword Tool

Unlike other similar tools, this is all available on a website. The second you go to the address, you can see how different it looks. It is free, and you can get started right away. This is different from most other applications out there. Virtually all the other keyword assistants require a lot of signup hoops to jump through before you can start searching for words.

While you can certainly sign up and register for this new service, the company wanted to ensure that it was as easy to use as possible. That’s why you can get started searching from the first moment you arrive at the site.

Excellent Features

A keyword tool is only as good as its features. Luckily, Keyword Sheeter seems to hold up to the scrutiny. They have all the features you might expect from a proper tool of its kind.

Take the google search volume feature, for instance. With this, you can see how many people are searching for a term online over a certain period. Imagine that you had a shoe company. Perhaps you want to test the market for a new color. You might see if people are looking for “red shoes.”

Based on the search volume for this keyword, you could create a campaign around that word or phrase and get traffic to your site. It’s something every marketing team should be taking a look at.

It Helps You Understand Keyword Difficulty

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Not all keywords are created equally. There are certain levels of difficulty that each phrase will carry with it. Obviously, the more competitive keywords are like that for a reason. It means a lot of people are searching. Thus, marketers want to rank for this keyword in order to get customers’ eyes on their products and services.

However, this is easier said than done. That is why this revolutionary new tool helps marketers understand if it is worth it to compete for a keyword. No one wants to be going up against a billion dollar company with unlimited pockets when they only have a small or medium sized budget.

Now Bulk Keywords Are Possible

It can be a painstaking process to go through a lot of keywords and try to find the best one. You often need to dedicate days or weeks, depending on the content that you are trying to build out. Well, Keyword Sheeter has also solved that problem. It can spit out a lot of keywords that are similar, so that way you understand how to build your content on your site in a way that will increase your chances of ranking.

Import Your Keywords

Perhaps one of the more impressive functions that is available on this new site is the ability to import keywords. If you come up with keywords from another source, you might want to be able to use them and not have to type them in manually. With most of the other pieces of SEO software out there, this would be quite the task. However, this company has eliminated that annoyance for companies.

The Best Price: Free

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It’s quite amazing to look at a tool like this and discover that it’s free to use. Typically, such high end innovations cost a pretty penny. Still, the founders seemed to be interested in getting this in as many hands as possible. That’s something that few other software providers are ever willing to do with their flagship products.

When Velit Research launched Keyword Sheeter as a groundbreaking keyword tool, they didn’t expect the tremendous effect it would already have on the industry. For decades, companies have been trying to figure out better ways to market their products to consumers. Of course, this is typically easier said than done.. Time will tell if it is the new go-to tool for online marketers around the world.

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