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The world today may seem unrecognizable, but our drive to come together and create remains unchanged. Now is the moment to share our knowledge, orient towards opportunity, and imagine a new collective future. 

In the spirit of discovery, TNW  together with supporting partner We Are Live is excited to introduce Couch Conferences: Our way to inspire and connect the tech community around areas of change and growth during the coronavirus crisis. Whether working to find your brand’s voice in these times, or defining a strategy for your new digital product, there’s an online event that adds value to your organization. Arguably the best part is that you can enjoy Couch Conferences from the comfort of your living room.

We know what you’re thinking: Not another webinar. Couch Conferences go beyond the online format with hands-on workshops, live interviews, and audience Q&As. Interact with other attendees on real-time discussion boards and expect a few TNW-style touches – digital disco, anyone? 

TNW Couch Conferences are our contribution to finding solutions to the many challenges that our community is being confronted with. We’ve enlisted experts and top executives to host thought-provoking discussions, to inspire and educate our audience in an online-only format.”
Patrick de Laive, Founder and CPO of TNW

First up, Re:Brand Couch Conference – our exploration of all things brand and digital marketing in 2020. For this event we’re welcoming experts including the CEO of Headspace, Rich Pierson, and Arjan Dijk, the CMO of, to share insights into how brands can manage the current crisis, and emerge as social and profitable leaders.

Mark your calendar for our upcoming Couch Conferences, and don’t forget to register!

In the meantime, we’re gearing up for the 15th edition of our annual flagship event, TNW2020, coming this fall and featuring similar digital formats as part of a two-day tech festival.

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