The 2 Biggest Marketing Challenges and How To Solve Them

The 2 Biggest Marketing Challenges and How To Solve Them

The 2 Biggest Marketing Challenges and How To Solve Them

Newspapers classifieds. Radio commercials. Television ads. Preroll videos. Email campaigns and whatnot! Marketers in 2019 have a myriad of avenues for reaching their prospects.

But, is that all?

Even with cutting-edge technologies and hundreds of marketing platforms, brands often have a tough time reaching their marketing goals. The only way out is to find the growth-inhibiting challenges and overcome them with an air-tight implementation of spot-on solutions.

Aiding to the same, here’s a list of common marketing challenges that most agencies and marketers have to deal with.

Failing to keep up with the Digital Advancements

The digital revolution influenced by technological advancements has changed every aspect of how marketing is done. The sudden change that came like a whirlwind of the storm has left marketers with very little time to adapt. 

Fast digitization seeks fast adaptation, and perfect execution becomes essential in situations like these, leaving you with only one go-to; a perfect action plan.

So, get on it. Start off by following digital marketing blogs and social media channels. If you aren’t already using social media, this may be the time to actually delve in and test the airs.

If you are in doubt about how this can be done, the following tips can guarantee you results.

  • How to find the right blogs and content to follow? Just like any other niche in the world, digital marketing is populated too. With a number of pseudo marketers boasting of one thing or the other, picking the right blogs to follow can get you in sweat.

    One fine way of saving yourself the hassle is by starting off with big players. Neil Patel. Brian Dean. Gary Vaynerchuck. They are all some of the pioneers in the world of internet.

    By starting your digital marketing journey with their blogs, you will be ensuring yourself a strong knowledge-base. This will, eventually, condition your mind to filter through qualified and bogus content.

  • Use tools: Another great way of helping yourself keep up with the new trends in digital marketing is by using the right tools.

    Whether you are looking for content inspiration or for trending news in a niche, tools like Google Trends and Buzzsumo can add greatly to your digital marketing arsenal.

    You can also subscribe to Google alerts for being notified whenever your target keyword or keyphrase is searched on the web.

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           Even the best online marketing agencies use these techniques.

Not being able to know and satisfy the needs of your Audience

Marketing agencies now have all that they need for communication and engagement – the right tools and knowledge of marketing trends, but yet somehow they aren’t always able to understand the needs of their audience.

Whether it’s their current followers/ clients or prospects – marketing agencies need to laser focus on satisfying their audience’s needs.

To make sure your digital marketing agency doesn’t have to go through the same, have a look at the tips that follow.

  • Analyze your audience on social media: The first step to understanding the needs of your audience is the analysis of their behavior on social media.

    Brands that they follow. Interests that they have. Pages that they like. Videos that they share. Although it may not be possible to personalize this analysis for every single prospect, what you can do is monitor the behavior of a few of them and make a list of their common likes and dislikes.

    This way you will be able to craft campaigns that are more consumer-centric.

  • Re-target like a pro: One priceless piece of information that most marketing campaigns in the world can get you is intel.

    Data about your prospects. Their geographical locations. Their genders. Age groups. Languages and a lot more. All of this comes in through manual research (as in the previous step) and is verified and upgraded through running and monitoring campaigns.

    And then, the benefits don’t even end here. This data can help you set up super optimized ad-sets for your future campaigns and can greatly add to your retargeting campaigns.

  • Tailor your products according to consumers’ needs and interests: The best products aren’t those that are the most aesthetically appealing or the cheapest. The best products are those that actually solve problems and address the users’ needs.

    Understand this and after figuring out the needs of your prospects and existing customers, design products and services that resonate best with them.

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Final Words

Strongly influenced by modern technological advancements, digitization has transformed the marketing world in unexpected ways, making a tremendous impact on how marketers operate.

And to make the most of what this digital age has to offer, marketers have to act fast and adapt to the changes before the training wheels come off.

To help you understand this better, in this post, we discussed 2 major challenges that most marketers get to face while working for their brand or clients.

Hopefully this article helped you.

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