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Victor Smushkevich, an SEO expert and content creator, has been into the news for his specialization in running successful digital marketing campaigns. With his excellent work and experience, Victor has helped many businesses in achieving the right growth in the online business world.

He is the founder of a successful digital marketing agency “Smart Street Media” and he has been active in the industry for more than 12 years. This has helped him achieve the goals he targeted for and make a name for himself. 

Recently, Victor Smushkevich admitted that he has received 1,000,000 phone calls due to the excellent customer services he offered to his clients through his California-based digital marketing agency “Smart Street Media”. He also shared that he has a huge experience in helping many multinational companies ensure their great business growth with his extraordinary skills. 

He is one of the best digital marketers one can find in California and he has expertise in Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click (PPC), and Lead Generation as well that are the tools helping the businesses in need.

Victor Smushkevich decided to dive into the entrepreneurial world in 2013 and he built his own digital marketing firm at that time. His motive for opening his own digital marketing agency was to offer services to more people with the utilization of multiple resources in order to produce better results for his clients. In order to reach a higher level of success, he hired skilled and extraordinary professionals in his team of Smart Street Media.

From then on, it took a long time for him to build his dream team and he patiently worked to include a skilled workforce in his digital marketing agency. His team now comprises a head designer, Brenda Adam, who has a UCLA degree with more than five years of experience in UX and Design, and Ryan Whitton, who is the lead SEO of the Smart Street Media and is a certified Bing Ads Professional and Google Partner with more than eight years of experience.

His project team comprises Jason Reynolds and Corey Rose who were selected after taking into consideration several factors to run the digital marketing agency successfully. 

Victor doesn’t just order the members of his team to carry out the tasks, but also takes into consideration their views regarding what are the best ways in which he can implement his strategies and ideas in the current business market. He works ambitiously in collaboration with his team to help his clients achieve the desired results in the business world.

With the help of the excellent services of Smart Street Media digital marketing agency, many businesses have managed to achieve more than 1 million app downloads, 237 websites have ranked for 41,000 keywords on the first page of Google and it has become possible to generate over 56,000 leads due to it. 

According to Victor Smushkevich, his digital marketing company has managed to achieve an impressive place in the business world because of the high-quality customer service he makes available for his clients.

He stated that it is because of this excellent customer service that Smart Street Media has managed to get around 1,000,000 million calls from international clients. The company provides whatever its clients demand and it fulfills all their demands in an efficient manner. 

And this has eventually helped the digital marketing company to gain a competitive advantage in the highly competitive market of today’s time. Victor Smushkevich has really helped his clients in satisfying their marketing requirements with his excellent quality services.

Various international businesses are preferring the services of Smart Street Media because of the excellent results the digital marketing agency has been providing to them. It is the utilization of excellent SEO strategies and business ideas by the company to provide its clients a high customer engagement for their online businesses. 

Smart Street Media has also claimed that it has earned over 30 million dollars by providing a comprehensive range of digital marketing services to its clients to help them run their businesses effectively.

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