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Are you looking for a new CRM software for your small business? This type of program allows you to organize your communication with customers so you can nurture relationships and grow your business. So if you don’t already use CRM software, or if you’re not happy with your current program, it’s time to find the option that best fits with your business’s needs.

CRM Software

There are plenty of options out there, which can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. So here’s a list of some of the top CRM software options available on the market today.

Zoho CRM

Zoho’s CRM platform offers a number of unique and cutting edge features, including conversational AI and mobile CRM management. It also features a multichannel CRM offering, so you can use it to communicate with customers via email, live chat, phone and social media.


Marketed as a customer success platform, Salesforce is built for small business growth with features for marketing, sales, service, engagement and commerce. It also has a large platform of third party apps and tools that you can use to customize the experience.


An all-encompassing CRM, sales and marketing platform, Infusionsoft lets you automate workflows and manage your sales pipeline in one place. It also offers solutions for analytics, payments and integrations with several other marketing and communication platforms.


An inbound marketing and sales platform, HubSpot offers a stack of software products. So you can choose individual offerings for specific purposes or stack them together for a more fully featured offering, depending on your needs.


Made specifically for pipeline management, Pipedrive tracks all of your communications with customers throughout the sales process and prides itself on simplicity. So it could work for any small business that wants a no nonsense sales solution.


Insightly works directly with your email inbox and connects with other apps and services like Xero, QuickBooks and MailChimp to give you a customized look at your customer communications and sales process. The idea is to simply organize your customer communications into a pipeline view so you can prioritize sales tasks.

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A CRM built specifically to work with Gmail, Streak lets you set up customized processes for your team. So you can use it to track basically any process, from your sales pipeline to your hiring process.


SugarCRM prides itself on helping users save time and be as efficient as possible. The company actually offers a suite of products so you can build the exact offering that fits with your business’s needs. And it also offers integrations with many popular email platforms and other third party tools.


OnePageCRM essentially turns the complex sales process into a simple to-do list. It helps you capture and nurture leads like a traditional CRM. But it provides a simple view that gives you deadlines for your most important and urgent tasks, simplifying your decision making process.


Podio is a team collaboration software that can be set up to manage the entire customer journey. It’s a great option for companies that rely on teams to work together in order to close sales or complete client projects.


Business management software that is made to scale with you, Apptivo offers a CRM solution along with other programs like project management, invoicing and productivity. It offers a simple dashboard for managing communications with existing customers, prospects and leads and integrates with G Suite for easy importing and updating.

Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM provides a simple and streamlined view of your customers and prospects. You can manage all of your contacts in one place, including vendors and other relationships outside of your customer base.


A smart CRM offering that integrates with Office 365 and G Suite, Nimble provides a view of your customer data that includes current social media profiles and customized business data. It also allows you to tag contacts and conversations so you can easily find the most relevant options.

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Copper, formerly known as ProsperWorks, is a CRM make specifically for Google. It’s centered around increasing productivity by automating all of your tedious communication tasks like data entry and organizing workflows.


Built for B2B businesses, Nutshell offers sales automation software with reporting, performance tracking, pipeline management and team collaboration features. It’s best for companies that sell to other businesses and want a simplified interface.


Smartsheet actually offers business tools that can apply in a number of different areas, including sales pipeline management. It also integrates with a number of enterprise tools to help you get more done without disrupting the natural way your business already functions.


A CRM built mainly for those in the real estate industry, Contactually integrates with Gmail or Office 365 and helps you prioritize tasks so you can effectively nurture relationships and close deals. It also makes use of cutting edge technology like AI to optimize workflows and schedule tasks.


ClinchPad is a CRM that’s built for small teams and centered around closing deals. It tracks the progress of deals rather than focusing on contacts and offers key insights and reports to help you make efficient sales.


Another CRM that’s specifically for small businesses, Batchbook can work for freelancers, mom and pop shops or other companies with small teams. Use it to organize your contacts so important customers are given priority and each interaction becomes intentional and meaningful.


An online CRM, InStream helps you collect valuable information about customers and then easily access that information when you need it so that all of your communications have a better chance of resulting in sales.

Image: Zoho

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