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Although Google does not determine its rankings from social media interactions, social media and SEO still have an extremely close relationship that can benefit your business. While the advantages of using SEO on social media are not direct, using social media is one of the easiest ways to achieve many of the goals that will affect your ranking.

Boost Website Traffic

Sharing your content on social media, whether that be through a business page or by your content being shared by outside sources online, increases the number of users who will interact with your site. Through this type of social media usage, more visitors will click hyperlinks attached to your content and be taken to your website. This will naturally increase sales and your brand recognition. The more traffic on your site, the higher your ranking will then be, and the more often your work will show up on search engines. Easy ways to achieve this is to create a professional page on Facebook, publish humorous and relatable content on Twitter or to create infographics.

Additionally, the link between SEO and social media is not as distant as you might expect; creating social media pages for your businesses allows Google to use these as the top result when users search for your brand, giving them easy access to contact details and your website.

Shareable Content

Many of the ways to increase your social media presence include what is called shareable content, fun and relatable articles that will engage casual social media users and attract your target audience. Creating shareable content will increase the number of viewers seeing and engaging with links to your website. Shareable content includes puns and jokes, memes and images or even just simple images that could inspire. Other ways to create engaging content on social media is to ask questions, encouraging people to reply, and even by holding social media exclusive competitions which can increase notice of your brand.

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Link building encourages viewers to visit your website and puts you in context of other professional ventures. Gaining quality backlinks and producing engaging content over time will give your company authority over smaller businesses and increase your search engine ranking. Social media can even increase the opportunity you have to produce quality link building through its networking abilities. You can either seek these out or, as your content gets shared, influencer accounts and larger businesses are more likely to be interested in your business and collaborate with you, providing your company with professional and well-known backlinks. When looking to link-build, companies such as Click Intelligence can help you to create engaging content specific to your own needs, giving you control over your own content while embedding this with professional knowledge of quality link building that makes it easily shareable on social media as well as engaging to a wide range of readers.

By following these steps, you will be increasing your brand recognition and the more that your brand is recognized, the higher your ranking will be in search engines. Increased interaction through social media helps to make your brand recognizable to both users and search engines, enforcing your brand reputation and encouraging more people to search for your business and interact with your website.


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