The Fabulous Future of Advertising The Fabulous Future of Advertising


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Digitization has led to unprecedented changes to advertising and marketing landscapes. 

As the world is now moving from TV to the internet, we see a billion minds and viewpoints online, and brands need to interact and engage with them to make the best out of those billion great ideas.

The Background

Consumers are getting increasingly conscious about sharing their data owing to its misuse. And hence, businesses must show that they take consumer data protection seriously.

Having said that, consumers also expect a personalized experience without giving out much information. As such, there is a need for adaptability and flexibility for ad content and delivery.

Consumer Engagement is key.

Everything depends on what, how and when the Consumer wants it and in what amounts. Today the consumer gets bored too easily and moves on quickly. And hence, re-targeting has to be done very efficiently to target and engage users without giving them time to lose interest. 

There are this new generation D of tech-savvy, internet educated people who have very different and unpredictable consumption behaviors. And then you see the gen Z’s, 75% of whom are fans and followers of celebrities. Hence influencer marketing is an aggressive marketing strategy that is being adopted to use celebrity networking to their advantage.

Future of Advertising; How is it going to be?

Let’s take a closer look at what would be the key determiners for Success of Advertising in the future:


Brands will need to be more transparent about how their Consumer’s data is being used to create a positive customer experience they demand. 

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Role of Paid & Social Media

Feeding relevant ads to consumers on social networking platforms and other online spaces will continue to rise. Hence targeting interested customers through paid and social media will be on the rise.

Videos on the rise

Videos get viral like wild-fire, and hence the brands will need to make use of videos for marketing for a faster and wider outreach to intending customers.

Optimized Personalization

Brands would need to figure out ways to deliver high volumes of relevant ads to the right audience and at the right time. They will need to adopt cutting-edge technologies such as AI and Social Listening to achieve such a level of precision.

Short and Crisp Ad campaigns

Brands will now have to make use of the shorter attention span of the consumers effectively. Ads will have to loud and clear enough to make an impact without dragging things too much.

AI-Driven Advertising

AI-based ad campaigns will soon take over the market. Thus brands will get a better picture of customer experience insights. Thereby helping them achieve better levels of efficiency and productivity.

Use of Interchangeable mediums

The use of mediums that would need to be interchanged and integrated will see an increase. For e.g. TV audience will need to be reached through both satellites and internet TV mediums. And brands would need to know how to switch, interchange, and integrate.

Amazing Amazon

Advertising on amazon will be a game-changer in the future. And hence, brands would need to know how to get the best out of this terrific online marketplace.

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Last but not Least

Brands willing to experiment and take risks will get ahead in this mad competition. But no matter what happens in the future, the transformation is going to be beautiful and mind-blowing. 


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