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The Internet’s Globalized age has opened up infinite new possibilities for commerce and doing business without borders. It is no secret then why working freelance has become so popular as of late. The decentralized, digital labor market is growing rapidly, and more and more millennials are choosing to work as freelancers over holding conventional day-jobs. The truth is that the globalized, borderless, sharing economy is quickly rendering traditional employment obsolete, especially in jobs that can be done remotely.

Freelancing is the New Global Trend

Working as a freelancer originally translated to being a self-employed person who offers services to business and clients alike. Global communications through email and social media, as well as, the mainstream adoption of digital payment platforms like PayPal, have allowed the original freelance concept to blossom and establish itself as one of the largest job markets in the modern, global economy.

Recent studies were done by the American Freelance Union and Upwork, one of the most popular platforms for matching talent with business clients, show that 35% of the United States workforce is now composed of freelancers. Global demand for remote freelance services continues to rise as more companies and entrepreneurs turn to peer-to-peer marketplaces to satisfy their business needs. This increase in demand is reflected in more opportunities for talent scattered around the planet.


Most In-Demand Freelance Skills

The most in-demand freelance skills of the moment, according to data collected from Upwork, Bloomberg, and Elance, include the following:

  • Content Marketers: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), WordPress Development, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing.
  • Software and Web Developers: HTML & PHP Web design, Angular JS & JavaScript Development, MySQL Development, eCommerce Development, C++ Programming, API Development, .NET Framework, Python Programming, Information Security.
  • Freelance Writers: Journalists, SEO Content Writers, Business & Technical Writers, Bloggers, Copywriters, Ghostwriters, Translators, Proofreaders.
  • Graphic Designers: User Experience Design, Logo design, Photoshop & Illustrator Knowledge, Video Editing, Animation, AutoCAD, 3D Rendering.
  • Virtual Assistants: Administrative & Technical Services, Accounting, Planning and Communication Skills, Data Entry, Microsoft Office Knowledge.
  • Future Technologies: Big Data & Data Mining (Tableau), AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, Robotics.
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Benefits Over Conventional Full-Time Jobs

Working as a freelancer provides benefits for both the workers and the businesses hiring the services. People are increasingly choosing to work independently due to the freedom and flexibility that comes with being self-employed.

Being able to work when you like with whomever is a big plus in today´s economy. Satisfying the needs of many clients, rather than working for individual employers, allows freelancers to continuously improve their skills and adapt to wider needs, which translates into more work experience and larger portfolios.

The inconsistency of payment motivates freelancers to be as professional and responsible as possible, since having a good reputation and adequate work experience is the key to landing your next job and building durable business relations with clients.

freelance platforms

Businesses are also increasingly benefiting from the freelance model. Companies that are based in less populated locations are limited by the amount of talent they can find locally. With freelance workers, however, these companies have access to a global talent pool with millions of candidates who are specialized and skilled.

Instead of hiring full-time employees who are reasonably capable of performing varied business functions, businesses are opting to hire freelance teams where each person works remotely and performs a specialized service. Companies can add or remove workers as-needed without the hassle of hiring full-time.

The freelance model allows for cost-reduction in office infrastructure and equipment. Cost efficiency is also maximized since freelancers are not usually paid salaries or hourly wages. Instead, payment is based on productivity and outcomes.

New Opportunities for Talent in Less Developed Nations

The true impact of borderless employment is most evident in developing countries. The freelance economy has created millions of new opportunities for skilled workers that provide fair payment.

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Countries like the Philippines, India, and Venezuela, where inequality is more severe and labor wages for professional work are much less than in developed nations, are seeing a fast increase in a number of software developers, writers, and graphic designers who opt to freelance. This allows workers who would otherwise be making meager salaries to earn fair, global incomes.freelance lifestyle

The digital economy allows emerging, educated workers to acquire the skills, and experience necessary for a brighter future. Innovations in communication tools and global digital payments are pushing for decentralization and fair job opportunities to people worldwide.

Technology, Internet access, and the sharing of information enable freelancing. The spread of peer-to-peer marketplaces is empowering the global workforce. Choosing to be part of the worldwide, competitive job market will require freelancers to be as professional as possible, testing their skills to new levels, and allow them to earn a fair income for their work.

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