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How do you keep your brand top of mind during the decision making process? Introducing’s LENS, a lead expansion and…

You’ve got a great prospect…now what?

It’s a challenge many companies are facing. Your sales team needs leads but prospects and customers require far more information today than any sales rep could deliver via a sales call. When a prospect isn’t yet ready to pull the trigger, how do you keep your brand, product and solution top of mind as they make their way through the decision making process?

In delivering over 1 million high-quality sales leads over the last 3 years, we know this: the key to successful conversion is in the ability to nurture leads into sales. Forrester Research shows that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost. The challenge? Most companies aren’t set up properly to link demand generation and nurturing together, ultimately missing out on sales opportunities.

To help our customers, has come up with a solution for this common gap in the marketing and sales chain with the launch of our new service, LENS: Lead Expansion and Nurturing Service.’s Lead Expansion and Nurture Service closes the loop by immediately launching a lead nurturing program, via advanced display retargeting and content-rich emails, once a buyer has requested a price quote or engaged with content related to your product or service.

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As a buyer, I know that there has been many times where I thought I was ready to make a purchase, only to find myself craving a little more time to compare options and ensure I’m making an informed purchasing decision. In other words, I thought I was at the bottom of the buying funnel but, when push came to shove, I was still in the researching phase.

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LENS identifies these individuals and provides nurturing based on where the customer has landed in the funnel after receiving the quotes they requested. It gives your sales team the opportunity to reengage digitally and stay relevant after that all-important sales pitch.

The Lead Expansion and Nurturing product is an extension to the company’s current Sales Ready Lead product and just one of the suite of digital marketing solutions offered by

Visit’s digital solution center to see the myriad of digital products and solutions that drive results.

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