The Latest Social Media Marketing Best Practices You Need to Know [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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Every day, around the world, the typical digital consumer is on social networks and messaging services for nearly two hours. It’s up to you to reach them.

The first step in building this relationship is to get to know them. Listen, talk to influencers, and pay attention to keywords. Then use your analytics to get to know your audience better.

Your data quality is of utmost importance, as it can give you detailed information on your audience and how your marketing and content is performing. Once you have this foundation, encourage employee advocacy and promote a culture that makes employees want to engage on social media on your company’s behalf.

Align this participation with your publishing strategy and advertise wisely. Pay attention to your metrics, and measure your efforts against your goals. Using these steps and the following tips, your social media marketing will flourish.

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