The main directions in the design of furniture for 2022

The main directions in the design of furniture for 2022

Often, when starting to decorate a new room, people do not know what are the current trends in the furniture market, which causes embarrassment. Therefore, we have compiled a small selection of the main directions in the design of accessories for 2022.

In the new year 2022, the trends for modern furniture are quite unusual. Furniture becomes smaller and more functional, for example, even household appliances have access to the Internet.

Unusual geometric and organic ornaments and various unusual solutions are popular this season. Also, there have been significant improvements in functionality, appearance, production technology, and mobility of structures. And the main direction in furniture design will be minimalism.

What is minimalism?

Minimalism also implies the rejection of excessive embellishment. Furniture design 2022 aims to replace oversized wardrobes, armchairs, and beds with original and functional designer pieces, like bar furniture Dubai made from teak wood, a durable and strong material that requires little maintenance and is suitable for outdoor use.

With modern lifestyles and advances in technology, products are becoming smaller but more functional. For example, a U-shaped wardrobe with a sofa inside. Or armchairs that can be folded up and turned into a sofa.

There is also a trend towards a more natural appearance, with shelves made of plywood or generally woven.

Guest room

The largest and most visited room needs special attention. The best furniture this year will be made from natural and eco-friendly materials. The main styles are the same: minimalism, baroque, classic, Provence. For these styles, in addition to minimalism, large, heavy furniture and dark and light brown tones are traditionally suitable.

If you are a fan of a free environment, furniture made of velvet and bright shades of green will suit you perfectly. Well, as an alternative, furniture from modern collections of fashion designers, for example, a variety of poufs.

For rooms made in the format of studios, the division into zones by means of transparent cabinets with shelves is ideal.


For kitchens, the main trends will be minimalism, loft, and various geometric natural patterns. In order to avoid overloading the already small space of the kitchen, it is worth finishing it with particular simplicity.

Suitable for natural wood furniture. For countertops, natural gray and green marble works well, and in general, there is a trend towards darker shades, blue-green, gray, and sometimes even black. Chairs and stools aspire to a “bar” tripod look.


For bathrooms, minimalism will be the main trend, according to the 2022 contemporary furniture catalogs. Modern technology allows furniture drawers to open silently.

Large and voluminous sinks and cabinets are gradually disappearing, they are being replaced by simple and functional shelves built into the wall. The main materials are stone and wood panels. Also, living ornaments of flowers and plants will be relevant for the walls.


Without changing the general trend, the bedrooms will be in a minimalist style. All you need is a couple of nightstands and a bed. Of the decorations, geometric patterns will be relevant. And for the beds, high headboards, and leather or plush upholstery.

An interesting trend is observed in the color design. Instead of classic calm tones, quite unusual green, red and purple colors will appear.

Unusual trends

Judging by the photos of new furniture in 2022, it is becoming fashionable to experiment with unusual colors and materials.

  • Mini studio. Due to the drastic change in everyday life, thanks to the digital revolution, it becomes vital to have a small studio with unusual furniture.
  • Collection furniture. Due to the increased flexibility of today’s industry, large furniture manufacturers use the services of specialists from similar fields, such as architects or artists. As a result, completely unusual solutions are obtained.
  • Abstract sculptural furniture. Unusual furniture shapes will be popular this year.


In fact, you don’t have to follow the latest fashions to make your home cozy, it’s your choice and only you know what suits you. But if you want to be in trend, then, of course, it is worth turning to modern magazines and perhaps consulting with leading young designers.

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