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The Many Types of Surveys Your Business Can Use

The Many Types of Surveys Your Business Can Use

Data collection is becoming more and more important for all modern businesses. It allows a business to understand its client base and can allow you to target a broader customer base. In order for your business to develop a holistic marketing strategy, a lot of high-quality data is required. Digital data collection tools are an excellent way to collect this data. The reach of different types of surveys is much wider than regular, non-digital methods. These are some of the main types of survey techniques that your business should definitely use:

1. Questionnaires for customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction surveys are among the most common types of surveys used. They can be carried out over online survey platforms to gain an understanding of whether customers are happy with the level of service or products provided by your business. They can ask multiple-choice questions, with values ranging from satisfied to dissatisfied. They can also have one or two boxes where customers can provide suggestions.

2. Concept analysis surveys

These are carried out to understand whether a new type of product or service is going to resonate with customers. Organizations can send out concept analysis surveys among a focus group to gauge their level of understanding of a certain concept. They are mainly boxes where participants can write in their thoughts. This is used to identify which areas need more clear marketing and explanation. 


3. Product evaluation and fulfilment surveys

These types of surveys are generally carried out once a new product has been launched. Customers can make their preferences and problems known. They also ask questions about what the customer has expected of the product and whether the product has managed to deliver to those expectations. They use both scale-based questions, and they can have more open-ended questions as well. This type of survey can also be used after an event has been organized to identify how well the event has been received by participants.

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4. Employee satisfaction surveys

These are only used in-house. They are used to gain an understanding of how employees perceive their work and the company. This is an important tool used to improve employee satisfaction by human resources departments. Employee satisfaction surveys ask questions about the physical workspace, whether employees feel safe and comfortable. They even ask them to discuss their managers’ performances.

5. Community surveys

Organizations that carry out various events and work in conjunction with the community may use these surveys to understand how their activities are received by the community. They ask questions to local residents, other organizations, and foundations to find out their perceptions regarding the organization’s practices. They are commonly a part of corporate social responsibility projects.

Today, big data is used for a variety of analyses. Similarly, survey data is valuable to gain insight into the perceptions and behaviors of customers. With all types of surveying, it is important to be very careful when handling personal data. It is valuable when utilized, and it needs to be protected by following safe data handling protocols.

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