The Power of Keywords in SEO

The Power of Keywords in SEO

If a business has a website or an online page, they would want to improve it for profit creation. A tried and tested method to enhance the traffic generated by a website is using SEO services. Research has shown that 70% of marketers believe SEO is more effective than PPC

SEO stands for search engine optimization and refers to ways in which a website can better its reach and number of viewers. Utilizing the help of SEO Brisbane experts can also help businesses in improving their website. A critical step in this field is choosing the right keywords, and this article will elaborate on its importance. 


Keywords help businesses tactfully target their audiences so that they are drawn to their particular website or webpage. The importance of keywords is further highlighted by the fact that it plays an important role both from the perspective of search engines and audiences. 

Researching the area of keywords can help answer fundamental questions to a business. These questions include what individuals are searching for on the internet, how many of them are searching for it, what content formats audiences generally prefer, etc. 

The strategy of choosing keywords is an individual one, and if businesses are confused in this field, SEO Brisbane experts can be brought in to give their insight.

How to begin keyword research?

It is essential to ask questions before choosing a keyword. Understanding the nuances of a search engine, how it works, who it caters to etc., is very important if one is aiming to generate growth through these platforms. Many businesses skip the crucial step of asking questions and discovering answers while doing keywords research as it can be time-consuming. However, the benefits of doing this research outweigh the cons in the long term. 

Audience perspective

Many businesses may believe that keyword research can be overlooked because they already know what they want to be ranked for on the search engine. However, this kind of reasoning completely disregards the importance of understanding what the audience wants. Focusing on the audience’s actual needs is more likely to lead to a successful campaign rather than assuming keywords without any data. 

The Use and Importance of Keywords Explained with an Example

Let us take the example of a pizza company that wants to optimize their webpage on a search engine like google. Without conducting popular research, the company may bid on keywords like “tasty pizza.” But since this keyword already has so much traffic, the website may find itself at the bottom of the search engine results page. 

However, by asking relevant questions like what kind of pizzas are people in that specific region searching for, are there any trends in the searches, what kind of offers attract these customers etc., the company can gather more data. 

This data can then be utilized to create keywords that are more powerful, like “ pizza derived under 50$.” The keyword arrived at after research is more instrumental in generating traffic than one assumed from one person’s knowledge. 

Learning from the Competition:

A business is more likely to come up with a lot of keywords, and narrowing them down might be a task. In such a scenario looking at the keywords used by competing companies can be beneficial. A business can opt for those keywords that are not used by their competition to generate traffic on their website. Or they can also use the keywords that are successfully working for their competition. 


Choosing and conducting keywords research is very important for any business that wants to grow and develop. Often professional SEO Brisbane experts or experts in your specific areas can help in this area.


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