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Organizations across the globe are continuing to use a whole host of different channels to communicate with and capture feedback from their customers. Newer channels such as webchat, chatbots, and social media are used alongside the more traditional channels like the telephone, email, and good old-fashioned direct mail. As we all know the ultimate aim is a seamless, integrated experience, where customers can communicate in the channel of their choice. Where organizations can have one complete view of their customers and can analyze relevant insights and feedback effectively to take the appropriate action in real-time. But what about how people communicate? Do they want to talk or type?

All research points to people still wanting to talk and over the last decade voice has evolved to become so much more than just speaking on the phone. Research reveals that more than 50% of people in all age groups, already use their voice to interact with technology daily. Since Apple released Siri for iPhone back in 2011 voice assistants have become commonplace and on a daily basis, you might also interact with your TV remote control, games, and smart speakers like Alexa.

Given the embedded role of voice technology in everyday life, when you are collecting and analyzing feedback for Market Research or customer and employee experience it can’t be ignored. This is why Confirmit partners with Phebi as one of our options for voice feedback. After all, if people want to talk – let them! 

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Earlier this week I had a chat with Mike Page, CEO at Phebi to talk through the key benefits of voice enabling survey questions, emotion detection, and future exciting innovation.

What are the key benefits of voice enabling survey questions?

There are so many benefits to voice. To pick a few of the key benefits though… When people talk instead of type they tend to give longer, more in-depth answers, providing you with richer data to analyze. Our research has found that when responding to open-ended questions on mobile devices respondents are between 6-10 times faster with voice than when typing a response. Voice enabling your survey questions also ensures accessibility. People who are not able or prefer not to respond to survey questions through typing are given another way to communicate. Additionally, when you bring voice into the mix you have the option to analyze the voice for emotion providing yet another layer of insight. Of course, there’s also the risk mitigation benefits voiceprint technology provides. Our underlying voice recognition technology detects respondents who may be trying to take surveys multiple times, ensuring your results aren’t skewed in this way.

Can you tell me more about Phebi’s emotion detection?

Sure, Phebi Insight’s AI technology identifies respondent emotions, providing new levels of understanding for voice, and enabling our clients to tailor follow-ups based on a respondent’s emotions. The audio files are recorded, transcribed, and then analyzed for both sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) and emotion. Is the respondent feeling strongly about the topic? Are they calm? Are they happy, sad, or anxious?  We are always looking for new ways to improve our emotion detection capabilities and are excited for our understanding of respondent feelings to develop even further.  

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How can people use Phebi in their Confirmit surveys?

It’s very simple really. Our seamless integration means you can use Phebi within Confirmit Horizons across your open and/or closed question types. We just voice-enable your survey and you are good to go.

Phebi was recently awarded the innovation prize at IIeX’s Insight Innovation Competition which included $20,000 of investment. We’re excited to see what Phebi does next and are thrilled to have them as one of our fabulous voice partners. If you’d like to enable voice for your Confirmit surveys or just want to know more, contact your Confirmit strategic account manager or feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected].

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