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A recent study by YouGov for the VELUX Group revealed that we spend a whooping 90% of our day indoors. This equates to more than 21 hours. Although this study takes into account the time we spend at work, it also shows that people generally prefer being behind closed doors.

With that in mind, property experts at wanted to find out what services Brits would be happy to pay for so they didn’t have to leave the house, by asking 988 people in Britain their opinion on the matter.

As you can see, the most popular service we want from home is a private doctor, which comes at no surprise, considering some embarrassing conditions and would entice more people to get help. That being said, technology has helped in this sector, with a number of private doctors now available to talk via video call. Yes it costs or you need insurance to cover that but it is the future and perhaps in time, the NHS will adopt a similar service.


Moving further down the list, the more practical and feasible options come into play. With personal trainers, cleaners, beauticians and hair dressers coming to your home to offer a service. All of which are available, with some only costing a small premium for the service to be in your own home.

“My beautician and hairdresser regularly visit my home, which allows for a more relaxed and personal service, which you wouldn’t get by going into a local hairdresser or beautician. It’s a lot like a friend popping over for a cup of tea and biscuits, but instead they’re doing that and cutting your hair or painting your nails! Not only is it convenient, the price is often cheaper than if you were to visit in store, which is a major bonus.”

“Food shopping is a chore at the best of times, and no one wants to walk into a busy, overcrowded supermarket to do their weekly food shop. It can be incredibly stressful, and queues can be very inconvenient. This is why I opt to get my food delivered by my local supermarket instead, for just a small price (sometimes a little as £1!). By doing this, it allows me to be more organised and follow a food plan for the week, to avoid buying unnecessary food whilst walking through aisles.”

Victoria (22) from London

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What is it that’s so appealing about at-home services? The convenience and no waiting times of course!

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