The Ultimate Laptop for Creatives

Acer’s ConceptD range targets all forms of content creators. Whether you are an artist, vlogger, professional media creator, or video editor, these laptops are for you.

The ConceptD 9 Pro is the latest addition to this range and sits comfortably at the top.

The 17.3 inch 4k UHD display uses a unique Ezel Aero Hinge, allowing a full range of movement. It also boasts 100% Adobe RBG color gamut and is Pantone validated.

Driving the show is a 9th-gen Intel Core i9 CPU, along with an Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 for the highest spec model. The trackpad doubles as a number pad and customizable media shortcut menu. A Wacom EMR digital pen is included for use with the touchscreen.

Acer ConceptD 9 Pro

We saw the ConceptD 9 Pro at their press conference at IFA 2019, where they also unveiled pro versions of the ConceptD 7, 5, and 3.

The main draw of the ConceptD 9 Pro is its screen. The display is stunning, but the ease with which it can be moved, along with an incredibly responsive digital pen gives a great user experience. It does look a little odd at first glance, but this isn’t the first laptop to use a swinging hinge design. In use, it feels natural to move the screen between a regular laptop and tablet.

The experience of using the ConceptD 9 Pro in tablet mode is reminiscent of devices like the Wacom Cintiq, but this is a 2 in 1, and one of the best I’ve ever used.

Acer ConceptD 9 Pro folded

In my short time with the ConcepD 9 Pro, I didn’t have the chance to put it through its paces, but the specs under the hood are impressive.

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Many might notice the omission of a 10th gen processor. Nevertheless, the combination of 9th gen i9 (no exact model specified), an Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 GPU with 16GB of VRAM, and 32GB of DDR4 RAM make this thing fly. People who use intensive software suites will likely find this machine more than capable of multitasking.

Like many high-performance laptops, whether aimed at creatives or gamers, this computer is large. Despite this, the ConceptD 9 Pro is surprisingly thin when folded.

Unsurprisingly, a laptop like this comes at a price. The ConceptD 9 Pro will be available in North America and Europe in November, starting at $5800. While this eye-watering price will be a barrier to some, there isn’t anything out there that quite matches all this laptop seems to offer.

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