Tilt Five Holographic Game System
Remember Dejarik, also known as holochess, from Star Wars? If not, it’s basically a popular two-player game in which teams of holographic creatures battled each other on a circular board. The Tilt Five Holographic Game System aims to recreate this experience. It basically runs off Windows or Android devices, and consists of a game board, AR glasses and a wand controller. Read more for a video and the link on how you can get one.

How do you play? By simply looking at the board while wearing the glasses, players will be able to see the game animated as 3D holograms on the table in front of them, in which the wand can be used to interact with. Each pair of these electronic glasses sports a 110° field of view and have two cameras are embedded in them, with one to track the movements of the player’s head, and the other to track cards, tokens, figurines as well as the game’s hands. The wand can be connected via Bluetooth, and lets players interact with things on the game board. Kickstarter page here.

When we started designing the Tilt Five system our focus wasn’t on the technology for technology’s sake. We wanted to provide an amazing gaming experience that blends the things you love about video games and board games. And we wanted it to be just as fun when playing solo, together with your friends, or even when you’re apart,” said Jeri Ellsworth, Co-Founder & CEO.

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