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2019 is truly the wildest timeline. From the Keanussaince to Operation Varsity Blues, it’s been a wild year for pop culture of all kinds. Remember a few weeks ago when, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show, Nike put out an entire line of shoes inspired by SpongeBob SquarePants? How wild was that?

If you’d have told me 10 years ago those shoes would one day exist I’d have called you a liar after freaking out over your ability to travel through time and then asking you why you’d go through the trouble of time travel just to tell me about some sneakers that were gonna exist 10 years from now. And if after that you’d told me that 2019 would bring not one but two SpongeBob-inspired footwear drops I’d have put money on you being wrong.


(Photo Credit: Timberland)

Reader, I’d owe you a lot of money today because sure enough, in the words of my boy Yoda… there is another.

This week Timberland, they of the quintessential Big Chonky Boot, have announced two signature SpongeBob boots coming your way on Friday, September 12. Not content with stopping there, the company is also dropping a line of matching apparel. It is, as it seems, a good time to be a fan of The Sponge.


(Photo Credit: Timberland)

The boots themselves are pretty rad, the better of the two easily being the blue pair. Not Squidward-centric as you may expect, they’re instead an homage to SpongeBob’s favorite hobby: jellyfishing. The boots feature a cool fade into a deeper shade further down towards the toe and sole and sport decals of SpongeBob jellyfishing and Patrick prancing, as he is wont to do.

The black pair are a bit more lowkey, emphasis on the bit. They feature black suede with a bright yellow tongue (which, of course, comes with SpongeBob’s face printed on it). There’s also a subtle Krusty Krab decal on the side, and Plankton trying PER USUAL to steal it for himself. The laces come adorned with the SpongeBob logo as well.


(Photo Credit: Timberland)

Frankly, let’s keep this trend going. I want to see SpongeBob adidas kicks, SpongeBob Yeezys, SpongeBob Skechers, SpongeBob Sperry boat shoes and oxfords and every piece of footwear you could possibly imagine. There’s still a few months left in 2019. We can make it happen.

The SpongeBob x Timberland drop goes live on on September 12.

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