Tips to Hire Android Developers for Your Next Project in 2022

Tips to Hire Android Developers for Your Next Project in 2022


Because of its numerous easy-to-use features, Android is the ideal choice for a user-friendly operating system. Since its launch, Android has also managed to dominate the market. For users, Android has provided a seamless experience. This has resulted in a vast number of people around the world becoming regular Android users. According to a survey published in 2022, Android is used by 71.7 percent of the world’s population.

Annual Android OS updates are one of the practical factors that have made Android the world’s first choice. This indicates that the Android user experience improves year after year. Every version brings a slew of groundbreaking UI/UX changes, as well as improved privacy and security features. This technique has had a significant impact on the smartphone business.

Since this operating system has such a large user base, businesses tend to develop apps specifically for it. So, if you operate a digital business and want to build your own app, you’ll need to hire an experienced and competent Android developer. Here are a few pointers to assist you in this case.

Roles And Duties Of Android Developers 

  • designing and developing android apps for a variety of systems and devices such as smartphones, online apps, wearable technologies, smart TVs, and so on
  • collaborating and cooperating with cross-functional teams to produce desirable app development results. It refers to developing, analyzing, and releasing Android apps that are bug-free. 
  • converting the design documents and layouts into clear and high-quality programming. 
  • Dealing with many APIs and database resources

Tips to Hire Android Developers

1. Look For The Important Technical Skillsets Required Mentioned Below 

  • Programming Language Expertise

A recent survey has published data that specifies there are now 10,569 Android developers working in the United States. However, when it comes to finding a technically sound android developer, it becomes quite a tedious task. So, hire an Android developer who possesses proficient and in-depth knowledge of one of the two official Android programming languages:

Java or Kotlin, or both. It is critical for android developers to understand the concept and grammar of basic and advanced level structures as well as language grammar. Otherwise, they won’t be able to pull off a desirable result in app development. Understanding the use of JDK documentation in Java is also necessary.

  • Knowledge About Sdk Concepts

It is mandatory for an Android developer to be familiar with SDK concepts. SDK refers to the Software Development Kit. It helps them deliver top-notch results in terms of app development. So look for Android developers who are experienced with a pre-packaged set of SDK.

This feature aids in interconnecting your app with third-party links and sources. In turn, it helps to achieve skyrocketing development in projects. You should also look out for the basic skills of an android developer, including the ability to put up action bars, user input, screen flexibility, data transmission, etc. 

  • Understanding Of Database Engine

Understanding the database engine is a pivotal factor while working as an Android developer. In order to process and store information in Android applications, an Android developer must have a solid understanding of the principles of database engines such as SQLite, Room Database, Realm, and Firebase. They must comprehend how databases operate and how to synchronize data. 

The synchronization of data is crucial in the event that consumers access and view apps in offline mode. This becomes possible because of the use of reliable database engines. So, you should test the knowledge of the applicants by understanding the database engines while hiring the best android developer for your venture. 

  • Familiarity With Code Versioning Tool

An android developer needs to collaborate with other coworkers on the same assignment to make the app development faster and smoother. So, possessing in-depth knowledge of code versioning tools is a pivotal factor for an Android developer. So, if you’re looking to hire an android developer, make sure they’re familiar with tools like Git, Github, and Bitbucket.

Having skills to deal with these tools has become mandatory because these tools allow the developers to preserve source code for every assignment. Developers can also look up the history of a line of code to see what has been performed, what has been modified, which edition is the most recent, and so on. 

  • Well-Equipped With Development Tools

Being acquainted with an entirely composed integrated development environment (IDE) for Google’s OS, including Android Studio or IntelliJ IDEA, is vital for an Android developer. Android Studio endorses all the programming languages.

So, it becomes easier for the developer to write and create error-free code more quickly. As a result, when designing an app, don’t forget to ask the Android developers if they are comfortable using development tools.

2. Maintain A Smooth Hiring Process

  • Define Your Requirements

 Identify your requirements and describe them in your project’s specifications. Mention the skills, and business requirements you are looking for. You can write a precise technical explanation of your project based on the factors including the purpose, genre of apps, technologies to be used, encryption, and so on. You can share this with the programmers prior to the actual interview session.

  • Evaluation Of The Collaboration Approach

Before you proceed to the origin of the app development, decide on the job collaboration mode you are going to offer to the developer. You can offer Android developers a chance to work in-house. Or, you can ask the group of android developers to execute the job remotely, establishing online communication among them. 

  • Shortlist And Conduct Interview

When you advertise a job opening to hire app developers for your business, tons of applications will pour in. You have to shortlist the potential candidates based on their portfolios, ratings, and project-related experience. 

After the shortlisting process is over, gear up for the interview sessions to make the final selections. Arrange technical interviews and discussions to verify if the shortlisted individuals possess the necessary project competencies. You can develop a questionnaire ahead of time, analyze and evaluate their responses, and double-check what they’ve said.

  • Finalize And Make A Contract

When you are done with the interview session, you can confirm the selections based on your requirements. Before you employ them, do not forget to sign a job contract with them. You can then discuss the project data, such as objectives, production issues, deadlines, conference time, budget, security concerns, and so on.


When it comes to technical hiring for a business, it becomes not only a challenge but also a crucial factor for the growth of the business. Since businesses are focusing on growing online, it is crucial for them to have their own app. Recent statistical data shows that there were almost 218 billion app downloads last year. So, the more apps become user-friendly, the more business sustainability increases. So, if you want to provide customers with the best app experience, you need to hire the best Android developers for your business.

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