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United States, Florida, Tampa – 07-10-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — TitleTap, the leading provider of law firm and title insurance website marketing solutions, released the results of their 2019 customer-wide study.  

In April of this year the study concluded after evaluating the results of hundreds of attorney and title agent customers across the country in two categories: SEO and Security. “We are very proud to report that approximately 91% of our customers rank on the first page of Google for their keywords!” stated CEO of TitleTap, Dean Collura.Collura, added, “Being found easily in search helps drive the ‘at bats’ our customers receive for sales opportunities.  Given that 75% of people never go past the first page of Google, it was important to see how our customers were ranking from an SEO perspective for the keywords they cared about by leveraging TitleTap’s platform, compared to their competition.”Another important statistic the study revealed was around Security, specifically with Cyber Attacks and Spam.  “It is no surprise that the Real Estate industry has been a constant target for fraud.  Many times fraudsters begin their attacks with online methods, so it was important for us to quantify and share how many of these attacks we protect our customers from.” said Eliot Dill, TitleTap COO. The results revealed that TitleTap’s firewall stopped 528,324 cyber attacks in April alone and it’s spam blocker prevented a customer average of 23 fraudulent emails per day for each and every website TitleTap hosts. “These results are not something you normally find with a typical website designer or marketing agency.  We describe TitleTap as ‘more than just a website’, this applies to how we provide security in addition to how we help automate your marketing.” Dill concluded. To find out more information about TitleTap and explore how they can help you rank higher in Google, visit their website at https://www.titletap.com/About TitleTap: TitleTap was founded in 2013 by a former Title Agent manager, industry consultant, and active Realtor who helped grow a title company from 1 to 16 offices. They provide subscription based turn-key marketing solutions and websites for title agents and law firms across the country.

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