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TitleTap recently released the results of its 2019 customer-wide study on search engine optimization (SEO) and security.


TitleTap’s study also examined cyberattacks and spam.


“It is no surprise that the real estate industry has been a constant target for fraud,” Chief Operating Officer Eliot Dill said in a release. “Many times fraudsters begin their attacks with online methods, so it was important for us to quantify and share how many of these attacks we protect our customers from.”


TitleTap said the study revealed that its firewall stopped 528,324 cyberattacks in April, and its spam blocker prevented a customer average of 23 fraudulent emails per day for every website TitleTap hosts. 


“These results are not something you normally find with a typical website designer or marketing agency,” Dill said.


CEO Dean Collura said the company found in its study that 91 percent of its customers were ranked on the first page of Google for their keywords. 


“Being found easily in search helps drive the ‘at bats’ our customers receive for sales opportunities,” Collura said.




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