To Build a Lasting Business, Look to Scalability [Infographic]

Startups are some of the most powerful money-making machines on earth, globally generating $2.3 trillion in total value between 2015 and 2017. This seemingly unstoppable force of business shows the extent of the entrepreneurial spirit, but it’s keeping a business going that’s a true marker or success. There are as many different versions of scalability as there are businesses – here’s how to scale up.

No entrepreneur wants to feel like they are holding their own business back, and for business leaders who fall into a decision fatigue rut, the results can be devastating. Micromanaging decisions and a refusal to delegate even small amounts of responsibility can mean total stagnation and even failure of a business. Giving up control of daily decisions won’t make you less powerful, quite the contrary, in fact. Leaders with good delegation skills are free to focus on the bigger picture when they place trust and responsibility in competent team members. True scalability begins from within; tackle the decision fatigue first.

Once we silence the inner voice that compels us to control every department, we can finally see where else our business is lacking in scalability. Small businesses face some of the most issues when it comes to scalability, struggling to hire new team members, increase revenue without increasing operating costs, and even managing clients and consumers. Measure your business’s scalability by looking at the effects of everyday operations, customer interactions, employee performance, and financial demands. Boost your business’s ability to handle increasing market demands from more customers and more data and make room for more resources as profit margins and sales increase to better sustain the benefits of long-term growth.

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For a rewarding business outlook, scalability is key – build a business with room to grow by scaling up, taking on new projects, and growing your team. Detailed in this infographic is more on scalability, sustainable delegation practices and avoiding decision fatigue, and how to create scalable systems within your own business.

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Infographic Source: Brunner Consulting

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