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Top 10 Domain Name Generators On The Web

Top 10 Domain Name Generators On The Web

Choosing the right domain name is one of the first and most important tasks when setting up an online business. Apart from heavily featuring in all your advertising and marketing profiles, a good, simple and easy name makes it easy for customers to remember and can be an important factor in business growth. Read on to know the top domain name generators on the internet.

10 Best Domain Name Generators

Looking for a name for your domain? These 10 websites are a great place to start.

  1. Shopify

Instant results on Shopify Domain Name Generator

You can instantly check if the domain name you want is available on Shopify Domain Name Generator. Simply enter the word or phrase you want to be included and the results show up right away. The list of results also includes the available names and the cost per year which makes it simple to choose the one you want.

  1. Bust A Name

Bust A Name has several filtering options for names

This name generating site offers users two options on the screen. The first is a name search and the other is a name maker. Put in the word or words you want and the name maker can help you choose a domain that’s appropriate for your business. The site also has various filtering options to help you narrow down your choice. The quick check feature helps you know if the name you want is available or not.

  1. Lean Domain Search

Provides a name within a few seconds

The website allows you to create a name for your domain or choose one from the many that are generated after you put in your choice of the word or phrase. It also gives you several sorting options based on alphabetical order, popularity, and length. You can also choose to start with or end with a specific word or phrase and check for availability of a particular name.

  1. Domain Name Soup
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Put in a group of words and see if the name you want is available

This generating site works a little differently compared to other sites. You first have to put in the word or group of words in the search box and then check if the name you want is available. If the name you’re looking for is available, you can use it, but if it’s not, the site gives you a number of other options you can use. You can also choose a name or modify a name by using a list on the left side of the screen that includes options such as word manipulators, letter searches, word lists, and more.

  1. NameMesh

Offers different categories to make your domain search easier

NameMesh offers users versatile search options that lets you look for a domain name based on different categories. You have to first enter a word or phrase and then the site offers options in different categories such as common, fun, new, short, extra, mix, and SEO. NameMesh offers a great way to find the perfect name you’re looking for. However, it may take a little more time looking through all the options that come up.

  1. Domain Puzzler

Multiple search modes to make your search easier

This is a great tool to help you look for the perfect name for your domain. It has three search modes to choose from. The easy mode allows you to check if the name you are looking for is available. The advanced mode allows you to make word combinations while the third mode is the magic mode that provides free names for your domain and name combinations based on what you’ve searched for.

  1. Name Smith
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Can also generate random names

This site is a flexible name generator. A user can type in keywords or ask for random names to be generated. Once the keywords are entered, the results generated are based on top level domains, language, word blends, rhymes, modified version of your keyword, and prefixes and suffixes. There is an option to register the name if you decide to choose one of the many options provided.

  1. Panabee

Great ideas and words for social media use

This website allows users to choose names for domains, apps and even businesses. In case the domain name you want is not available, the generator provides many options based on phonemes, syllables, suffixes, prefixes, abbreviations, and more. It also provides words connected to your idea to make it easier to come up with a social media handle. Panabee also shows if the name you want is already being used on social media.  

  1. Wordoid

Generates made-up words

This website recommends off-beat, unique and made-up words and can be useful in picking short and easy to remember name for your website.  It can be a great tool for start-ups or creative small businesses brainstorming for a domain name.

  1. Naque

Creates something unique with your keywords

Naque is the perfect place for inspiration to flow when it comes to naming your domain. It provides users with a word mixer which humbles up your keywords to generate something unique. You can enter up to 5 keywords and wait and watch for the magic to happen. New words and made-up words are generated with the keywords you provide.

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