Top 15 Best One-Page WordPress Themes on ThemeForest (2018)

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One-page web design (also known as ‘single page web design’) is a trend that’s really taken off this last decade. Although it’s been around since the beginning of the web itself, one-page design seemed to take a backseat for years — as companies and individuals alike opted for more all-encompassing sites with often dozens of pages. As time passed however, one-page design was revisited with more modern web-design know-how and a better understanding of user-focused design in general. As a result, the practice saw a fierce resurgence in 2012 that’s continued pretty much ever since — and still showing no signs of stopping anytime soon!

Nowadays, both designers and developers recognize the potential of one-page design for simplifying websites and, in some instances, boosting conversions — amongst other benefits. Never one to be left behind, the WordPress community has of course largely embraced this design trend (despite WordPress being a content management system designed primarily to manage complex websites) and produced a truly impressive array of one-page WordPress themes.

In this post, we’re going to look at 15 of the best one-page WordPress themes from one specific theme marketplaceThemeForest.

Why Use ThemeForest?

While there are many fantastic one-page WordPress themes available away from ThemeForest (such as Flat by Themify, Parallax Pro by StudioPress and Freelancer by Themefuse to name a few), none of the other third-party marketplaces or theme shops provide sales figures or, more importantly, customer reviews.

ThemeForest, on the other hand, not only provides these two extremely insightful snippets of info, it also lists a host of other helpful information, such as the date of the most recent update, creation dates, user comments and more. That makes it considerably easier to pick a theme that will set you up for future success.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into our list of 15 of the best one-page WordPress themes on ThemeForest. We’ve included ThemeForest heavyweights like Avada, relative newcomers like Blanka, and everything in between. So there should be something for everyone!

1. Avada

As the best-selling ThemeForest theme of all time, Avada is more than just a one-page WordPress theme. But through its many included demos and core functionality, it’s easy to set up your own one-page design.

In addition to several one-page demos that you can import yourself, Theme Fusion, the developer behind Avada, also has a detailed tutorial on how to create your own one-page design with Avada that makes use of Avada’s parallax functionality.

avada theme

Avada has over 416,000 sales for a reason – it’s flexible, easy to customize, and lets you make a great-looking site (note – check out some examples of Avada sites here).

Price: $60 | Demo | Full Details

– by ThemeFusion.

2. Newave

Originally launched back in 2014, Newave is now on version 2.0 and is still receiving regular updates from the developer.

Version 2.0 features a one-page design complete with:

  • 6 different home sections
  • Video background support
  • Parallax slider
  • 4 navigation styles
  • 5 different one-page demos
  • Filterable portfolio with mouse hover effect

newave one-page theme

Overall, Newave has a modern design that should work for a wide variety of niches.

Price: $49 | Demo | Full Details

– by ClaPat.

3. X | The Theme

Like Avada, X The Theme is a massively popular theme that’s capable of creating any type of website – one-page designs included.

X offers four different design “stacks” (AKA aesthetics) and you can find great prebuilt one-page demos in each. For example, here’s a one-page demo from the Icon stack.

x theme one-page designs

With a built-in page builder, dozens of navigation options, and a large arsenal of shortcodes, X has proven itself to be a fantastic option for completely customized one-page WordPress sites. But that’s just scratching the surface of what this theme can do. For the full laundry list of features see the “full details” link below.

And if you’re interested in seeing the X theme in action, check out some of our favorite X theme examples.

Price: $29 | Demo | Full Details


4. Jarvis

Jarvis is a bold one-page WordPress theme with an eye-catching parallax scroll effect. It includes a variety of different pre-built hero styles, including a text slider, various callout types, or a fullscreen slider powered by Revolution Slider. It even includes options to use a fullscreen background video from Vimeo or YouTube.

jarvis theme

In total, there are 12 different variants you can choose from for your homepage.

If you want something with a focus on bold imagery, Jarvis is a great option.

Price: $60 | Demo | Full Details

– by RockNRollaDesigns.

5. Patti

With a 4.79-star rating on over 6,800 sales, Patti is a one-page theme from DeliciousThemes that a lot of people love. It features an easily customizable one-page design powered by WPBakery Page Builder (formerly known as Visual Composer), as well as Ultimate Addons for more flexibility.

patti theme

The end result is a great one-page design that’s easy to make your own.

Price: $44 | Demo | Full Details

– by DeliciousThemes.

6. SimpleKey

SimpleKey markets itself as a one-page WordPress theme for portfolios, landing pages, or businesses. Like Patti, it’s powered by WPBakery Page Builder for easy customization. And it also features a neat smooth scrolling effect, as well as an AJAX contact form:
simplekey theme

Price: $39 | Demo | Full Details

– by ThemeVan.

7. Native

Native is a business-focused one-page theme that includes a variety of demos for various business niches. All these templates are built on WPBakery page builder for easy edits. And Native also includes a variety of header and footer styles to pair with your one-page design.

To round things out, Native’s one-page template also includes parallax support:

native theme

Price: $39 | Demo | Full Details

– by DFDevelopment.

8. Vela

Vela is a business one-page WordPress theme that comes with a built-in one-page site tool that helps you automatically generate anchor tags for your one-page design’s navigation (these help visitors easily navigate to specific sections of your single page design):

vela theme

Beyond that, it also includes fullscreen and parallax sections/sliders, the WPBakery page builder, AJAX live search, and neat AJAX page transitions.

Vela also comes with various demos for both personal portfolios and business sites to help you get started.

Price: $39 | Demo | Full Details

– by Wyde.

9. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a multipurpose theme for creatives. While it’s not limited to one-page designs, it includes a variety of one-page demos, as well as the ever-popular parallax effect that so many one-page themes offer. If you’re doing anything creative, Brooklyn, and its 36+ included demos, is a great option.

Brooklyn theme

Price: $39 | Demo | Full Details

– by UnitedThemes.

10. One Page Pro

As the name suggests, One Page Pro is focused exclusively on creating one-page websites. With that being said, it’s still pretty flexible. You can choose from vertical or horizontal navigation, 19 different header styles, and further customize things using the GoodLayers Page Builder.

one page pro theme

One Page Pro also comes with three different demos for:

Price: $52 | Demo | Full Details

– by GoodLayers.

11. Blanka

Unlike all of the other themes on this list so far, Blanka is a relative newcomer at ThemeForest. But it has a great modern look for creatives and agencies that gives it a solid chance at joining the ranks of the best-selling one-page themes soon.

Blanka one-page wordpress theme

Blanka comes with 9 premade sections, smooth scrolling, a dedicated portfolio custom post type, and plenty more.

Price: $39 | Demo | Full Details

– by CocoBasic.

12. One

One is a single-page modern WordPress theme for creative portfolios. It comes with 4 different portfolio layouts, 2 menu styles, WooCommerce compatibility, a 16 module page builder for creating easy layouts, photo galleries/albums, video background support, and heaps more.

one theme

Finally, the 60 FPS scrolling makes for a snappy, user-friendly one-page layout.

Price: $59 | Demo | Full Details

– by THBThemes.

13. Scalia

Scalia is a multipurpose one-page theme that ships with premade demos for everything from corporate websites to landing pages and creative portfolios (the one-pager demo offers a great starting point for a one-page website).

scalia theme

The theme includes a flexible header and footer, tons of page layouts, a dedicated one-page website option, and plenty more. In addition, while Scalia does include WPBakery Page Builder, it also offers its own “Homepage Constructor” for easy one-page designs.

Price: $59 | Demo | Full Details

– by CodexThemes.

14. Incubator

While Incubator markets itself as a WordPress theme for startups, you could easily adapt its one-page designs to any type of business. Incubator includes 12 different pre-built demos, many of which are single-page designs.


Beyond that, you get lots of nice CSS3 animations, parallax scrolling, WPBakery Page Builder, and plenty more.

Price: $49 | Demo | Full Details

– by Key-Design.

15. Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a one-page theme built on material design principles, which gives it a very modern look. It lets you use the native WordPress Customizer to customize your homepage. And it also includes demo content to speed up that process.

hestia pro

You can quickly mix-and-match dedicated page sections for portfolios, pricing tables, team members, newsletter opt-ins, and lots more.

Unlike most ThemeForest themes, there’s also a limited free version available at if you want to try before you buy.

Price: $79 | Demo | Full Details

– by themeisle.

Summing Up…

Depending on what type of one-page website you want to create, some of these themes may have jumped out at you more than others. Beyond looks and basic functionality, there are other things to consider when choosing a WordPress theme. Make sure to really dig into the demo and verify that it can do everything you need it to do.

Used/using any of these themes? Or maybe can you recommend another one-page WordPress theme not on our list?

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