Top 5 Innovations Will Change The Future of Pizza Delivery

Pizza restaurants drive innovation for the rest of the fast food industry. Years ago, only pizza places delivered food to your home, and now, you can order delivery from numerous establishments.

Things will only become more advanced as the years go on, and you will soon see some big changes to your favorite pizza delivery tracker. Here are some of the innovations you may soon see when it comes to getting pizza delivered to your doorstep.

Future of Pizza Delivery

1. Autonomous Vehicles

One of the most interesting developments currently taking place in Silicon Valley is the concept of autonomous vehicles. Companies like Uber and Google have already begun experimenting with this technology, and the results are promising.

Once these cars become safer and more readily accessible, there is no doubt pizza places will soon adopt them. Gluten free pizza delivery will become a breeze once employees can simply load the food into a car, and the vehicle automatically goes out for the deliveries.

2. Making Pizza en Route

However, delivery is only one area where automation may soon play a big role. Some establishments are also experimenting with combining artificial intelligence with robotics to actually make pizza on the go.

There would essentially be mobile kitchens that will make your order on the go. That way when it finally comes to your doorstep, it is fresh as can be.

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3. Voice Ordering

In the past, people would have to pick up their telephones, call the pizza place and make an order. Now, the majority of delivery orders occur online. People log on directly to the company’s website and input what they want there.

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This concept will only become more advanced and convenient as the years go on, and it may not be long until people can more easily enter voice commands. People may be able to speak into their smartphone or Alexa devices, so it will be even simpler to enjoy a fresh, hot pizza.

4. Drones

Cars delivering pizza has been standard for years now. However, it is possible that one day people will enjoy their meals thanks to a drone. This type of program has already been tested, and the first people to eat a flying pizza did so in 2016.

It may not be long until the sky is filled with tiny robots carrying pizza boxes. This is one of the ideas that is the most far off on the horizon because there are still many actions to take to ensure people’s orders will be safe.

5. Seamless Integration

With all of this new technology, the inside of pizza restaurants will require massive overhauls in the near future. The employees will need to be able to take mobile orders, phone orders and pickups. It is possible that more establishments will adopt a more seamless way for people to pick up their pizzas when they do not want to opt for delivery.

For example, it is possible for pizza places to install a heating, holding device where the pizzas can be stored. Customers can then input a code and pick up their orders without having to interact with an employee.

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What Do You Think?

Some of these innovations are decades away from becoming commonplace while others will start advancing within the next few years. All of this is in service of giving customers the most seamless pizza delivery experience possible.

You can further simplify the process by learning how to get a free pizza and what pizzas go best with your beverage. Order your next pizza today to start enjoying the high life.

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