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SEO is not as simple as it sounds. Not getting it right can have dire consequences on your business’s online presence.

Who does not want traffic on their websites? To make sure you keep customers landing on your website, you need to be search engine smart. Many companies make big mistakes when it comes to optimizing their search engine. To help you stay ahead of your competitors, we are listing here the 5 mistakes you should avoid at any cost to make your web pages optimized and ready for search engine.

Mistakes you should avoid in Memphis Search Engine Optimization

Using the Right Keywords

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make in search engine optimization is not getting the keywords right. Using headwords may have more search volume but on the other hand, using long tailed keywords will generate more traffic and for a company, the traffic coming to the website actually means an increase in the conversion rate. 

Confusing SEO with PPC

There are many people out there who still confuse PPC and SEO. To make sure that your audience and users are not left confused, you should be bidding terms. This will also help in preventing competitors taking advantage of the faulty assumptions of your search user. Use brand keywords to answer the queries of the company’s target audience. 

Expecting SEO to show immediate results for new sites

SEO is no magic lamp; it takes time for SEO to start working for your company. It does not matter how smart you are or hard you are working, it will take time to convert users into customers. SEO focuses more on a long-term goal of retaining the customers and satisfying them with your content. Therefore, don’t expect it to work for you immediately. It can take as long as months or even years before you start noticing a visible change in the patterns of customers coming to your website. 

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Falling for Black Hat Strategies and Cheap SEO Tricks

Most of the companies that are looking for an immediate effect of SEO tend to fall for these black hat and cheap SEO tricks. It is important to note that these tricks might help you getting links to your page easily; however, they are of no use when it comes to getting a boost in the ranking of your website. If you are using any such tactics, the time to stop using them is now. 

Failing to Anchor Text

Another major mistake companies going for search engine optimization make is that they do not use natural anchor texts. Anchoring text is important, both for the search engine and the visitors. It is, however, important that you do not over optimize your content with anchor texts and internal linking as it can get you penalized by Google.

By keeping in mind the common mistakes made during SEO mentioned above, we hope that you will cut down on the Memphis search engine optimization mistakes and make better strategies for your SEO. If you are looking for an expert company to help you with your SEO, Unofficial can be of great help owing to their experience and expertise. 

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