Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid While doing SEO For Blogs

Doing SEO for Blogs is not an easy task.Today, SEO is evolving day by day because search engines are developing according to the users perspective. It is quite difficult to make your content at the topmost position as there are lots of businesses falling into trap of incorrectly applying SEO.

SEO means search engine optimization and normally it incorporates the set of techniques which are used to make your content more visible. These techniques are much more than it looks like. If you don’t have knowledge of SEO then you may make some mistakes which might prove to be costly for you. You can make your content more visible with search engines if you implement it properly.There are some common mistakes that armature people perform while implementing SEO and we should avoid them.

Seven Mistakes that should be avoided while doing SEO for blogs

Everybody wants to make their content more visible to the search engines and this can only be done when you use SEO techniques properly. SEO is considered as one of the most vital components to the successful blog. Therefore we should apply this in a correct manner. If you also want to make your blogging campaign successful then you need to avoid some mistakes that armature do.

In this article, we will discuss some common mistakes that should be avoided while doing SEO. This will help your blogging campaign to grow at rapid rate.

Wrong Keyword Selection

Optimization is a process which is completely dependent on keywords. If you choose the right keyword then it will definitely help. There is one most common mistake done by people that they neglect the preference of search engines. When you are about to define your product then it is quite necessary that you should understand what kinds of words your potential customer use to refer them. That’s how you can optimize the wrong keywords and you can also use tools like Google Trends, SEMrush, KeywordPlanner, etc.

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Doing SEO for blogs

Free Directory Submission

We all know that Backlinks are quite important for any blog. These free directory submission will help you to create Backlinks. But this process is not the proper way of applying SEO, it is just another way of Spammy. If you do it properly, then it might be beneficial for your blog as it will increase the chances of getting your blog discovered.

Doing SEO for blogs

Lack of Content

This is one of the most important factors that reader notices when he/she visit your posts is accurate content. While writing content for your blog, you should define the purpose of it. The content should be all about the product or service. The reader must find something interesting in your content then only you will get a genuine audience. Your blog must have an appropriate amount of information that reader seeks in your post.

Doing SEO for blogs

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is worst than poor content. If you want to do proper SEO for blogs then you must avoid copying content from other websites. If you do so then Google will definitely hunt your copied content and it will drop your duplicate content. There is one more thing that you should keep in your mind that you should be aware of the people who copy your content. In order to do so, you can use Copyscape service.

Keyword Stuffing

Lots of people believe that if they add their targeted keyword in every line of their content then it may boost their ratings but it is completely wrong. This strategy would not be very useful for you as this is registered as Spammy by Search Engines. It will definitely hurt your SEO performance.

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The over usage of keywords is not appropriate for your success. It will make your content useless and unnatural. The Google has implemented specific semantic search which will recognize content’s topic without keyword stuffing.

Skipping the Title Tags and Meta Description

The optimizations process doesn’t end once you mention target keywords. There are two more essential elements that should be taken care of while doing SEO for blogs are “Meta Description” and “Title Tags”. They contain the huge potential for your content so never skip these elements. Don’t forget to mention image tags because the search bots can read the alt tags and add the information.

Focusing on Design

Most of the time people thought that an awesome looking blog may impress the Google but that’s not true. A good looking blog might be appreciated by the visitors but if you want to satisfy them then you should have to bring reverent content as well as a great website design on your blog. People load beautiful images to impress Google but the reality is Google can’t read the images.


SEO is required to make your content more visible and if you do it properly then it would make your business successful. You should also avoid some common mistakes that most of the people do as aforementioned in the article while doing SEO for blogs.

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