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In 2018, it was a core requirement for every company to have a digital presence. This was what spurred the growth of top web development companies as there were lots of customers to service. However, in 2019, it’s not just enough to announce your presence on the internet. You need to be able to stand out from the crowd.

The sad news is that a lot of companies consistently deliver abysmal website designs that are below par in terms of content as well as technically. This is not because they hire web developers, who lack a basic understanding of programming languages, neither is it because they enjoy dishing out terrible products.

Rather, it’s a result of a lack of clear guidelines.

Let’s end the plague of bad websites by providing top website design and development guidelines.

Tips any Web Development Company Must Adhere to in 2019

  1. When you conform to the standards in your industry, you’re essentially ensuring you can meet the high expectations of the audience you’re trying to appeal to. Remember that the average person sees a lot of websites in a day, so they have a mental picture of what a good or a bad website looks like.
  2. You should only hire web designer who shows a good understanding of web design standards that transcend that of the basic elements. For instance, the color, font, and even the tone should showcase your brand in a distinct way. What do you think of when you think of Apple?
  3. Accessibility standards are standards that cannot be handled carelessly. This is a basic human right and not conforming might have dire consequences.

Mobile-First Optimization

When Google rolled out the mobile-first index in March 2018, providing the speed update later, the game of search engine optimization changed completely. What this means is that now there are bots crawling the mobile version of your website to see if the structure and content match the provided format.

Unlike before when the desktop version of the website was all that was needed, Google provided this update when they observed the increased number of online users who surf the web using their mobile devices. For people who want to hire a web designer, the implication is that your mobile version should be just as optimized as your desktop version.

When you hire top web development companies, you’ll also observe that they pay special attention to the loading speed of the website. This is not a mistake. Loading speed is one of the key metrics used in calculating the ranking of a website.

Another key consideration is how de-cluttered the website is. Can users get the gist of what is expected with a quick glance? You should speak with your web development company to ensure that it does just that.

Incorporating Conversational Bots and Machine Learning

The use of conversational bots has been on the rise for some time now and it’s finally taking off fully. Huge advancements in artificial learning, big data analytics, and machine learning algorithms have increased the capabilities of these bots.

Nowadays we see this technology every day when we input a search query into Google, or when Facebook asks us if we consent to be tagged in a photo.

You should speak with a web development company to develop conversational bots as it provides greater convenience to users. This is a wonderful feeling when your customers can get instant responses to their questions on your platform.

This ultimately results in efficient transactions between parties.

Hire Web Developers to Integrate Video Headers in Your Website

The importance of having a video on your website is one that no web development company can emphasize enough. This idea that was once one of the anticipated trends has gradually morphed into an industry standard.

The basis for the importance of this trend is that it’s a crucial way to engage your viewers. True, sometimes you hire a web designer to integrate videos and they object, saying it’s data-intensive.

However, the sacrifice you make is often rewarded with the prospect of completing your goals even faster.

Also, the videos we have today are those that can be overlaid with text, logos, or other dynamic content. Adding it as a header also goes a long way in minimizing the impact on loading speed.

Because the video is repeated, it appears as a longer presentation and it’s just what you need to catch the attention of your viewer in the long run.

Incorporating a Strategy for Data Analytics and Reporting

The only way to assess how good or bad your website is doing is by employing the services of a tracking platform or device. There are goals that you had in mind when you were building your website and these goals should be tracked regularly.

Depending on your business focus, the metrics to track will vary. For instance, an e-commerce website would like to know the leads, conversion, and revenue being generated.

For a WordPress blogger, all that matters is traffic and how much time people spend viewing content on the website. It’s up to you to identify what is of utmost importance to you.


Aesthetics and personalization are essential features that are prevalent in website designs today. However, a much more pressing issue is the adherence to standard website development conventions.

These rules and regulations might not necessarily translate to great design; however, they’re important for the standardization of the content on the World Wide Web.

As someone who wants to hire a web designer, you should take a cue from the work of top web development companies. When you design or develop a web application, start by understanding the needs of the market, and the product will turn out fine.

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