TP-Link launches Kasa Smart Vintage LED bulbs and multi-color light strip

New is good. It is nice to have the newest technology with modern designs. But that doesn’t mean old is bad. In other words, sometimes a retro design can be appreciated too. In some cases, retro and modern can be merged into a single product. This often happens with automobiles. Hey, people love nostalgia. It sells.

TP-Link has some new smart light bulbs that fit into that modern/retro hybrid category. The KL50 and KL60, as they are called, are Wi-Fi enabled, don’t require a hub, and can connect to voice assistants like Alexa and Google. Despite being LED, they are made to appear vintage with a filament look. In addition, TP-Link is also launching a new multi-color light strip.

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“The new lineup starts with the KL50 Kasa Vintage LED Filament Bulb in Soft White, whose crafted retro design is infused with the convenience and intelligence of a smart bulb for the perfect lighting experience. With a design similar to traditional, incandescent bulbs, this modern classic adds character and a relaxing soft glow to any room with the intelligent control of a smart bulb. Next up is the KL60 Kasa Vintage LED Filament Bulb in Warm Amber, which adds character and a soothing warm amber glow to any room. It’s the perfect choice for eco-conscious consumers who want to bring the warm vintage aesthetic to their smart home. The KL60 is dimmable, so you can adjust the brightness of the vintage bulb to set the mood, from a well-lit get together to a cozy, dim-lit dinner party,” says TP-Link.

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The company also says, “The Kasa Smart Multicolor Light Strip allows you to experiment with millions of colors, transform your home into the ultimate entertainment destination with endless color options and configurations. You can also adjust the length and add additional Kasa light strip extensions easily with a strong and secure 4-pronged connector that increases the strip’s length up to 33 feet, or you can cut the strip along markers to fit into smaller areas. The KL430E is a one-meter-long extension light strip of the KL430 and is sold as a standalone accessory of the KL430.”

Both the KL50 and KL60 vintage smart light bulbs are suprisingly affordable — they share the same $16.99 price. That is quite reasonable for such a unique smart bulb. The KL430 light strip is more money, as you can expect — it retails for $69.99. TP-Link will release a 1-meter extension called KL430E in December for $24.99.

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