Tradeshow Tips We Learned in 2018 to Help You Launch Your Strategy

Remember That Your Work is Not Over After the Show

Patience is key when it comes to following up after trade shows. Depending on your industry, the sales cycle can last weeks, even months. That is why maintaining an open line of communication with your new contacts is key to keeping them moving from one stage of the sales funnel to the next.

After the show, you should expect to have an 8-9 touch point system in place to help close the deal. This starts with a thank you email after the event and outreach from your sales team, whether it’s an email, phone call or demo. Kristin also recommends for you to enter your contacts into an automated email campaign related to the event and their particular interests. “We’ve generally found that the sweet spot for people to remember who you are after the event is two months, and that’s if you continue to reach out and engage them in conversation.”

We hope that you’ve gathered some useful tips to help you launch your trade show strategy in 2019. If you’re interested in learning more about what we do and chatting about trade shows with Kristin, make sure to catch us in person at one of these events in 2019.

Act-On 2019 Trade Show Schedule

2/11 -2/12 – Digital Summit Phoenix – Phoenix, AZ

3/26- 3/27 – The Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit Toronto – San Francisco, CA

4/10 – 4/11 – Digital Summit LA – Los Angeles, CA

5/5 – 5/8 – Sirius Decisions 2019 – Austin, TX

5/28 – 5/31 – MAC 2019 – New Orleans, LA

6/11 – 6/12 – Digital Summit PDX – Portland, OR

6/25 – 6/26 – Digital Summit Denver – Denver, CO

8/28 – 8/29 – Digital Summit Chicago – Chicago, IL

9/25 – 9/26 – Digital Summit Detroit – Detroit, MI

10/13 – 10/18 – CRMUG – Orlando, FL

11/13 -11/14 – Internet Summit – Raleigh, NC

12/3 -12/4 – Dallas Digital Summit – Dallas, TX

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