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This is a challenging era for marketers. The digital revolution hugely impacts the consumption of media. In an era of continual transformation, organizations are searching for new ways to assess, increase and monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing strategies. But the very proliferation of digital media creates exciting opportunities to engage with customers. Marketers need to make better use of digital resources to target communication more precisely than ever. The most significant marketing trends poised to the top charts are the following.

Content: Content is primary. Customers are in search of information and entertainment that adds value to their lives. When the real intent of their search is met, marketers can be at work, pitching products or services. To this authentic, substantive information should be provided. That is content should be in line with the customer’s original intention. In a good content driven advertising a consumer reads an article and clicks a link of the product.

Personalization: With the availability and accessibility to modern technology and customer relationship management program it is easy to tailor an approach to the target market. Consumer analytics can give insights on the customer who is interested in a market to who is browsing in the domain. As personalization becomes increasingly refined, marketers will be able to identify individual customers by interest, not insights generated by mere demographics.

Chat boxes: The growth of chat box providers makes purchasing, installing and customizing chat boxes feasible for any organization who can afford to staff the vendor side of the communication. There are chatbots designed to field a standard range of inquiries using artificial intelligence. Research says that consumers increasingly prefer this interface due to comfort.

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 Voice search and AI: With the rising prevalence of virtual or conversational assistants voice search is becoming increasingly adopted. This gives an opportunity for companies to refocus their search engine optimization strategy. In the voice search, consumers are much likely to use longer, exact phrases. With these businesses that have focused their SEO on long tail keywords are better positioned to attract business.

Micro influencers: Strategies involving micro influencers are peer marketing approaches. Micro influencers can be much active with specific products and services.

As technology advances, marketing strategies continue to evolve more rapidly. Keeping up with the changing trends and tactics will be diligent to do.

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