Trust, Transparency and Brand Safety


The Trust, Transparency and Brand Safety report will consider the factors which have been impacting trust and driving a need for further transparency around a brand’s advertising as well as how businesses operate and communicate with their customers. 

We carried out a series of in-depth interviews with senior executives from brands, agencies and publishers to understand how companies are responding to different opportunities and challenges. Econsultancy would like to thank the following interviewees who contributed to this report:

  • Dominic Chambers, Global Head of Digital Marketing, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Claire Cronin, Chief Marketing Officer, Virgin Atlantic
  • Christopher Daniels, Sales Director, Haymarket Automotive
  • Daniel Gilbert, CEO, Brainlabs
  • Simon Jackson, Chief Marketing Officer, Gamesys
  • Attila Jakab, Managing Director, Infectious Media
  • Russell James, Digital Engagement Director, The FA
  • Matt Kwiecinski, Co-founder and Managing Director, Journey Further
  • John LaMarca, Consumer Strategy Director, Haymarket Automotive
  • Laura Milsted, Global Advertising Director, B2B and Insight, The Financial Times
  • Michael Nicholas, Global Director, Kantar TNS
  • Ellie Norman, Director of Marketing, Formula 1
  • Mark Payton, Editorial Director, Haymarket Consumer Media
  • Isaac Poh, APAC Digital Marketing Lead, Schroders APAC
  • Tara Prabhakar, Global Director of Client Impact, Kantar TNS
  • Ben Rhodes, Group Marketing Director, Royal Mail
  • John Sinke, Director of Marketing, Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Charles Talbot, Director, Journey Further
  • Mariella Villa, Private Bank Proposition Owner, ANZ Bank, Australia
  • Lisa Wood, Chief Marketing Officer, Atom Bank
  • Head of Digital and Analytics, APAC FMCG
  • Senior Executive, Global APAC Bank

What you will learn:

Trust is seen as a crucial element of brand success. With increasing disruption and competition across all sectors, trust becomes even more important for brands to focus their efforts on. This report will consider the factors which have been impacting trust and driving a need for further transparency around a brand’s advertising. It will also explore how businesses operate and communicate with their customers. You will learn:

  • How companies are making changes to how they buy digital media and how they structure their contracts and relationships with their agencies in response to growing concerns over their advertising in respect of brand safety, viewability and ad fraud. 
  • The need to focus on demonstrating this to consumers and ensuring that trust and transparency are at the heart of your products and services. 
  • Importance of demonstrating trust through culture, goals and values. 
  • How companies are connecting with their customers to drive greater participation and co-creation.  
  • The focus towards demonstrating greater transparency with customer data and how it is used.
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You will discover: 

  • How companies are taking more control over their marketing communications.
  • The need for companies to be more transparent about their business to deliver on their promise and focus on what their brand stands for.
  • How companies are focusing on putting the customer first and at the centre of their operations. 
  • The importance companies are placing around having the right culture and set of values and hiring against these. 
  • How co-creation should become a key part of an organisation’s processes and brand strategy.
  • How digital priorities are rising higher on the agenda as companies encourage a move towards thinking digital first and creating journey-based experiences. 
  • How companies are focusing on putting the customer at the heart of everything and identifying how to enhance the experience and develop a deeper understanding of the customer decision journey. 
  • The key ways to drive greater transparency and trust highlighted by those interviewed.

Download a copy of the report to learn more.


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