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At TUNE, we know there’s nothing more fundamental to partner marketing than paying your partners.  Paying partners is something that should be seamless, but is instead frequently rife with cost, risk, and rancor.  Partners are scattered all over the world with payment needs not easily met by available affiliate technology solutions.  Paying partners all on time with the right amount per your own tracking and reconciliation can be an exercise in frustration for you, your accounts payable team, and your partners.  And that’s all before you see how much you’re getting charged by your banks and payment providers to make it all happen.

That’s why we’re proud to announce TUNE Pay.  With TUNE Pay, you pay your partners via the same great technology platform you’re already using to track and manage your relationships.  And via TUNE Pay, you pay your partners using the best, most flexible, most cost-effective payment processors on the market. You can optimize for process simplicity or customization — your choice. We encourage you to pay your way.     

Many of the largest advertiser programs and partner networks are already using TUNE Pay to manage the balances, invoices, and payments for their partnerships. We’re confident it will seamlessly work in your world, too. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what some of our customers are saying: 

“Before TUNE Pay, our process for managing invoices and payments was very manual and took up a lot of time. Since moving to TUNE Pay, the process is a significantly smaller burden. Now everything is tracked, and it is easy to manage payments.  I cannot imagine anyone running an affiliate program not finding it to be a major improvement.”

– Eric Polatty, Snow Teeth Whitening

“TUNE Pay was a huge addition, and made it really easy for us to pay ambassadors. It is easy to use, and I can easily generate invoices and pay custom amounts.  I am impressed with TUNE in general.”

– Michael Lynn, Equilibrium Nutrition

How will TUNE Pay make your life easier?

  • Pay using the best and latest technology.  TUNE Pay supports payments through both TransferWise and PayPal — best-in-class systems that reflect how partners expect to get paid in today’s market.
  • Pay anywhere in the world.  TUNE Pay supports payments to 50 different countries across 46 different currencies.
  • Pay cheaply.  TUNE Pay’s integrations offer the lowest payment fees on the market.  Save tens of thousands of dollars or more each month that can go back into your program.
  • Pay your influencers.  Generate pre-payments and flat-rate payments for your influencers that still reconcile with your tracking data.
  • Reconcile in real time.  TUNE Pay syncs with your TUNE account to ensure that changes in tracking data are automatically reflected in invoices, saving your accounts payable team from hours or days of reconciling every conversion.
  • Empower your partners.  Partners can check their balances, update their payment terms, upload their tax forms, and pull new campaign data right within the same experience within TUNE.
  • Control your payment experience.  TUNE Pay gives you full control over your invoices, including payout terms, custom templates, invoicing strategies, custom legal entities, and everything else you need to pay exactly the way you want.

If you’re running a network, TUNE Pay can also automatically generate your invoices to your advertising partners, and even measure your cash flow to ensure that what you’re paying out to your partners is already covered by revenue you’ve received from your customers.

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TUNE Pay tracks all of your performance conversions and payouts through their entire lifecycle, so you always know exactly whom is owed how much, when, and why.

“What we have created here is the most flexible in-platform accounts payable solution for the affiliate partner industry,” remarks Peter Hamilton, CEO of TUNE. “Using TUNE Pay means you have complete control of pacing, reconciling, and payment terms, which means you choose how and when to pay your partners, and we’re able to do it at a fraction of the cost of any other system.”

When we acquired Item8, one of TUNE’s top integrated technology partners for invoicing and balance management, we knew that we had the right team to do something big.  That team has been working tirelessly to devise a partner payments system that’s powerful and cost-effective.  It’s a solution designed to give you the same ease you’re accustomed to when working with the traditional affiliate networks, but built for all of your partner relationships, direct or otherwise.  We’re proud to now be able to put this power in your hands.

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Pay every partner the way they want, on a schedule that works for you.  Track their balances dynamically and always be confident no conversion has fallen through the cracks.

“As a former TUNE customer, we had direct insight on what was most important in the reconciliation and payment process.  We built this product with the customer squarely in mind,” says Igor Kuznetsov, co-founder of Item8. 

TUNE Pay is now available for TUNE customers.  If you are an advertiser or a network, you can select the plan that best works for you.  In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to your customer success manager with any questions, or email [email protected] to learn more.


Dan Koch

Dan Koch is TUNE’s Chief Technology Officer. Previously, he was TUNE’s Director of Marketing Automation, and previous to that the Director of Engineering at Artisan. Artisan is the industry’s first mobile experience management (MEM) platform, allowing businesses to analyze, manage and enhance their existing mobile applications in real-time without writing code or resubmitting to app stores. Dan is a graduate of both the University of Pennsylvania and of the Villanova University School of Business, and built systems for Best Buy and the United States Air Force in a previous life. It’s been a wild ride. Pester him on LinkedIn!

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