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Digital marketing is becoming popular increasingly. After all, users of the worldwide network are every day more interested in purchasing goods and ordering services on the resources of the virtual space. This activity is at first sight accessible and straightforward for everyone. However, such a tool must be managed appropriately. Here are some different types of digital marketing.

First, let’s define the concept of online marketing. This is a set of actions that are carried out for the sale of goods and services in the virtual space. Digital marketing can be called e-business. This direction also requires investment, effort, and ingenuity, as well as sales methods outside the network. To implement the tasks, a website or other resource is needed on which goods or services are presented. Digital marketing can reduce costs and interacts with customers personally, which leads to increased sales.

What types of digital marketing are there?

  • Website Optimization (SEO). This site promotion to the first lines of search engines. This direction works from queries that network users use to search for information. SEO is beneficial for small and medium businesses. Its cost is lower than other types of services, and efficiency is quite high due to the adjustment of the product being promoted to the interests of users. The lack of search engine optimization in the long term performance.
  • Contextual advertising. Represents advertising messages that are displayed on search engines and sites. The basis of the direction includes the necessary request. The advantage of contextual advertising in attracting to a given page of those who are interested in a product or service. Payment is made strictly for users who have switched to the site.
  • Banner advertising. These are graphic blocks on sites with information about a product or service. Such advertising serves to establish a visual association of potential customers with the brand and the product being produced, and also strengthens the company’s image.
  • Digital marketing in social networks (SMM). The basis of advertising is the creation of viral (interesting target audience, shocking) content that users will later distribute themselves along with the existing offer. This allows you to work closely with representatives of the target audience at the sites where the consumers most interested in the product or service hang out.
  • Digital PR – publication of company news in popular media. Such an impact causes greater loyalty on the part of potential customers since the organization’s activities to become more accessible and transparent.
  • Partnership programs. This is a branch of business in which a partner thanks his efforts gets a percentage of the targeted action (most often sales).
  • Mailings. Represent the implementation of the transmission of advertising messages about the services of the company based on the subscription base of users interested in specific information. The lack of mailings is in the intrusiveness of advertising messages. You can read more about the e-mail newsletter here.
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With the advent of a large number of sites is continually growing competition. Therefore, the use of one type of tools is now not enough to achieve significant results. With this trend is associated with the creation of integrated Digital marketing, which includes several areas of business development in the vast world wide web.

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