Ultimate Dining Experience At Restaurant Guy Savoy Las Vegas

Tucked away in the Augustus Tower of Caesars Palace, Restaurant Guy Savoy is a quiet oasis away from the crowds of the casino floor. You can be assured that you’ll get the same quality treatment and meal here that you would at the original Guy Savoy in Paris. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay trained under Savoy as the Scottish cook was starting out, and has long called him one of his culinary mentors.

The Jean-Michel Wilmotte-designed dining room is a near replica of the original restaurant in Paris — the obvious difference is the Caesars Palace ceilings are much higher.

This fare may seem complex, but at its heart, each dish is beautiful and comforting, prepared with ultra-high-quality ingredients and impeccable technique. The same goes for the wine list, with some 1,700 bottles, about 85 percent of them French, including many older and rare vintages. If it seems daunting, the capable sommelier can guide you through your wine during the evening.

The bread cart is stacked with enough baguettes, buns and brioche that gluten-free diners may rethink their life choices; there’s even a bread sommelier who will pair each of your courses with an appropriate piece of pain.

If there’s one dish that is practically synonymous with Savoy, it’s the artichoke and black truffle soup, served with toasted mushroom brioche and truffle-specked butter.

Las Vegas stays very close to what its Paris sister restaurant would serve for the season, but it also keeps other signatures, such as Colors of Caviar, a parfait of luxurious fish roe in several different layers and textures.

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