Unfold the Branding Power of the Company T-Shirt

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For all the articles written about workplace uniforms—whether you’re for them or against them—rarely do we discuss the power of the humble company T-shirt. These cotton tees can come in any shade and include the brand’s name and/or logo on the front or back of the shirt. They’re fairly inexpensive to have made in bulk, and can be given away to everyone from employees to customers. Many businesses at all levels, from new startups to established corporations, always seem to have a folded stack on hand at all times.

A simple enough concept that virtually any business can invest in? Yes. But one that is quietly effective? Also, yes!

Here’s a closer look at the positive effects company T-shirts can have on both your company and your brand.

It’s good marketing

We could wax philosophic about the symbolism found deep within a T-shirt, like how the comfort of the tee is representative of youth and fresh ideas, or we could straight-up call it what it truly is: good marketing.

Think about the items you would assemble into a raffle giveaway gift basket from your brand. There would be bigger ticket items in there, like gift cards and maybe even electronic devices, but you would also supplement with branded items. Pens, mugs, and T-shirts are all good examples of gift basket incentives that remind the recipient of the business that they ultimately received their goodies from. Even if you’re not giving away something, but just networking or presenting to a crowd, wearing a branded T-shirt will leave behind a solid imprint in people’s minds as much as your business card or elevator pitch did.

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Foster team spirit

I was only half-kidding earlier when I said that we would be waxing philosophic on T-shirts. Truth be told, so many of these branded shirts truly do symbolize what it means to be a part of the team within your company.

Scroll through the Instagram feed of one of your favorite marketing brands or agencies. Chances are, at some point you’ll encounter a group photo of everyone on the team rocking a branded T-shirt together. And the chances are even greater that they look happy to be doing it, too. These shirts quietly symbolize the teamwork that goes on within your company and how each member feels empowered and committed to be a part of the organization. When you put one of these shirts on, you’re doing more than just representing your brand; you’re giving the world a glimpse of the team behind the scenes.

In a T-shirt state of mind

T-shirts are comfortable. They’re easy to pull on and off, cool for any climate, and have a naturally relaxed fit. When you’re in a T-shirt state of mind, literally and figuratively, you’re naturally a bit more laidback than you would be in a suit or dress slacks.

As such, the T-shirt helps to build unity in the workplace as well. We’ve already touched on the effect they have on customers, potential networking connections, and your team members. Now, they’re taking on your environment and infusing the working atmosphere with a little extra harmony. You’ll get the job done and done well, but you’re also a little less likely to stress when there’s a casual dress code working in your favor.

Ready to design your own branded tees?

If reading this post made you feel like it’s time to create some company T-shirts of your own, or refresh the existing ones you have, keep the following rules in mind for getting started:

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