Using social media for PR

Research shows how PR specialists use social networks

This new Social PR Survey, including data from the Social Journalism Study shows how important social media is to PR Specialists. So how are PRs using social media? Is it to post their own content, repost content, monitor brands, engage with the media or join in conversations? As you’d expect, it’s popular with more than 2/3 using social media on a daily basis. This report shows how it breaks down.

So, how active are PR Professionals who are using social media?

As expected, reasons for using social media include promoting their own content (74%) and a secondary goal is to reach out to the media.

Work tasks undertaken by PR Professionals using social media

The most used platforms when using Social Media for PR?

In terms of the preferred platforms, they primarily promote their content across Facebook and Twitter, with the latter for pitching their stories.

Favoured Social Media Channels by PR Professionals

For publishing content, respondents identified over 50 social tools and the top ranking platforms were Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Social Media channels for publishing

Their infographic explains further how Journalists are using social media and the future of PR.

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