Tech columnist Kim Komando talks about easy ways to save money online which in the long run will benefit your pockets and fatten up your piggies belly.
Kim Komando Special for USA Today

Don’t be so quick to stuff those coupons you get in the mail in a drawer – or the trash.

Valpak, the direct marketing business behind those budget savers that arrive every month says that it has tucked $100 checks inside some of those envelopes.

The unexpected bonus will show up in random envelopes each month this year. Your chance of winning? Roughly 1 in 50,000.

The company said in a statement that there are “no strings attached.’’ Rather it’s a way to get people to actually open Valpak’s signature blue envelopes and check out the coupons inside.

All coupon packets will offer the teaser to “Look inside! $100 could be in this envelope.” Those who’ve won will then find a check wrapped in an insert with similar language. 

Valpak says that it’s offered the $100 checks since 1988, but typically only in certain markets. This is the first time the financial bonuses are popping up in each of the 150 markets that Valpak serves, all at the same time.  

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