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Social, Affiliate and Direct Sales Companies Will Have More Mobile Power With Lead Gen, Sales Enablement and Interactive Video Technology

DirectScale, Inc., a privately held market leader in the direct and social selling industry, has partnered with industry leader VERB Technology Company, Inc., a leader in business-focused interactive video CRM and marketing and sales enablement applications, to offer a combined platform to all of DirectScale’s new and existing social, affiliate and direct sales clients.

DirectScale is a startup-to-enterprise SaaS provider of software solutions to social, affiliate and direct sales organizations. The platform simplifies management of complex corporate functions in an easy-to-use interface. Its functionality includes sales and commission tracking, data analysis and reporting, as well as downline management and messaging, training, e-commerce and web portal features. It also boasts many other back-office, corporate and field rep administrative tools. The platform is fully configurable allowing clients to customize the user interface for a better, more effective user experience.

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Through this new partnership, VERB will provide DirectScale clients with a custom mobile app that combines DirectScale’s powerful administrative platform with VERB’s lead gen and sales enablement capabilities. It will also include VERB’s proprietary interactive video technology that will provide an enhanced and more effective set of tools for DirectScale clients’ sales reps. Additional VERB sales enablement tools, such as sampling facilitation, will be available for in-app purchase directly by users through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

“Partnering with VERB and leveraging their existing infrastructure was the obvious choice to deliver the best experience for our customers. This app will provide the tools field reps want — and need — to grow their businesses,” said Rodger Smith, CEO of DirectScale. “By leveraging unique data points from each platform, this combined app offering will help our corporate clients gain key insights on customer and field rep behaviors that drive the success of their businesses. We also believe VERB’s interactive video sales component will be a game changer for our clients’ field reps as they look for new ways to meet and engage with customers wherever they are in real-time.”

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Global President of Sales for VERB McKinley Oswald added, “This partnership with DirectScale is a highly complementary alliance wherein both parties truly benefit. DirectScale offers their clients a bundled solution that includes VERB’s unique, cutting-edge lead gen and sales enablement technology that provides clients with significantly increased retention and growth rates.”

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