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It seems like there is an app for anything these days. When dealing with new technologies and female sexual pleasure, this device seems to hit the right notes… Meet Vibease, “the smart vibrator”. This gadget is as petite as it is peculiar. Wearable, but also quite… comfortable, women are able to slip the device in their underwear whenever they please. “What is so smart about a compact-size, rechargeable vibrator?”, you may ask. Well, just marvel at the technology behind it. This USB-rechargeable and waterproof vibrator can be controlled via your smartphone (thanks, Bluetooth), through a rather ingenious application. The app has a built-in menu which lets you customize the strength and pattern of the vibration, enabling a hands-free and most personalized orgasm. For women who would like some respite while comfortably alone, this device is designed to vibrate in sync with your favorite erotic audio books. These audio books can be easily accessed via the application’s own catalog. Escapism at its finest, right? But when you think about the potential for couples, the enjoyment might as well be mutual. In long-distance relationships, the remote control functionality is, for instance, highly appealing. Staying intimate with your partner from anywhere could rekindle a dried-up relationship – reintroducing partly shared tactile sensations to overcome distance. Just imagine letting your partner be able to tease you from wherever with the stimulation-intensity remote feature. If this is not bringing your sex-life to the next level, it is hard to refute an added benefit to any given couple’s playful complicity. Among the most standard features, the application offers a chat through which you can send messages during your moments of pleasure. After downloading the app you can create a profile: you pick your nickname, profile photo, and (of course) gender. Unknown people can’t pair up with you. Rest easy, therefore: no “randomers” will see your account. The experience is meant to be for your eyes and ears only. You can add your partner’s to the mix, at best. Spending time to talk about an online platform for a vibrator might seem queer, but we should not prejudiced about the creative ways in which technology can add a spark in our personal life. Intimacy is, after all, a fundamental need. A yearning that can be appeased by reducing the distances between us and our other half. On our hands, we have a platform for engaging in either simple sexual relief or intimacy through your phone, wherever you are. More options to feel closer to your partner or to improve your self-pleasure when having a moment to yourself will be greatly welcomed! REFERENCES:

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