What 1 Factor Boosts Your Blogging Efficiency The Quickest?


Seeking freedom and building your blogging day around freedom is the 1 factor more than any other that will boost your blogging efficiency to epic levels.

Yesterday I wrote 5 guest posts. Today I am plowing though my work – mindfully of course – to tie everything up so me and my wife Kelli can go enjoy stand up comedy in NYC tonight. Why and how do I get through my blogging day with brutal efficiency? How am I prolific?

I do what I do to be free.

I built my blog on a life of freedom.

I blog to free myself and to free my readers. 1 moment at a time.

Watch me discuss. While wearing a fascinating “Cats in Space” T-shirt:

If someone told me how to boost my blogging efficiency and I had no strong driver to act on the tips I would ignore the tips and be an inefficient blogger. I’d be ineffective. Because I would seek comfort and mediocrity over discomfort and freedom. All on me. Nothing to do with my fellow blogger’s advice.

The Problem

Teaching bloggers how to be efficient is generally a robotic process. Like all “how to” style posts, the onus is on the user to have the drive to put the tips into action.

I wrote a recently released eBook on the topic of boosting your blogging efficiency. I devoted the first chapter to finding and holding your fun, freeing driver. An entire chapter! Not a few lines. I did not mention the freedom note in passing. I spent a full chapter in my eBook explaining why you need to build your blogging day around fun and really, freedom, to move into effective, efficient action.


I am doing the kinda uncomfortable things I want to do today to schedule my blogging day differently today. I usually spend a handful of hours offline but do my offline stuff at varying times.

Since we are going to a stand up show at 7:30 PM tonight I need to move up all of my blogging activities and I need to let go a few blogging activities I normally engage in. Sorry Quora. Sorry Warrior Forum. Blogging Tips and Blogging From Paradise takes precedence 🙂

Anyway, I am making these uncomfortable choices and moving into uncomfortable actions because my love of freedom is stronger than my fear of doing uncomfortable things. It wasn’t always this way. But over the years I became super efficient and effective in scheduling my blogging day because I always intended to focus on my freedom over my fear.

Video Frenzy

OK, I want to give my fingers a little rest today.

I filmed a video in Granada, Nicaragua about the power in being present and how it aids you in becoming a pro blogger.

This tip works well in conjunction with the advice to follow your freedom, as an efficiency boost. Why? Because like me right now, our minds tend to project into the future when you aren’t present and this leads to anxiety, worry, a dissipation of power and all types of inefficiency problems.

You can only make fun, freeing, efficient decisions regularly if you are living in the moment. But if you fret the blogging past or worrying about the post you need to publish tomorrow on Blogging From Paradise (ok ya got me!) or the date you have tonight or if your list is growing quickly enough these energies will mess up your blogging mojo, pulling you out of the moment.

Watch the video and share it with your friends if they need a little reminder to be present:

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