What are Seo Tutorials Really All About

What are Seo Tutorials Really All About

Are you interested in SEO? Then you might have seen many SEO tutorials online. What are those about and what can you learn from them? Below is a basic rundown of what you can learn in these tutorials.

First, the SEO tutorial will probably talk about search engines and why they matter. Search engines collect content and information from around the Web and store it in huge databases.

If you wonder why so many people want to be highly ranked in Google, it is because 73% of all searches are done on Google. The #2 search engine is Bing with 8%. Google dominates the market because of the size of their database as well as how to determine the relevancy of a page.

In short, Google has shown people to be the best at answering questions with relevant content. That is how most people around the world find things online.

Second, the tutorial should take some time to explain how Google works. Google crawls the webpages of sites and follows them to find other webpages. It then finds all the links on those pages and on the next ones. Over time, Google finds pretty much all the content on the web. In SEO, the idea is to make it easier for the ‘spider’ to ‘crawl’ our pages and find relevant content so we get a higher ranking.

After the pages are found, the spiders pull data from them and index them in the database to show in search results.

In SEO, we want to make sure the data that Google indexes from our pages is highly accurate. This makes it more likely our pages will show up in results where we want them to. If I sell CBD oil, I want to be sure that my pages show up for people looking to by CBD oil and related products. I don’t want to show up in searches for people buying model trains.

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Third, the tutorial should discuss how you optimize your site for Google. This process can be split into two parts – on page and off page efforts.

On page SEO is about fiddling with the elements on a page so that Google understand what is there, sees it’s great content and decides it should be highly ranked.

Off page SEO is another way of saying building good backlinks so that Google thinks your page is worth trusting.

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