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What’s Magento?

 Magento is an open source e-commerce platform that you can use to create your own online store. Being highly accessible and easy to follow, even non-specialists can conveniently develop their own e-commerce platforms to connect buyers and sellers.

There are thousands of extensions and themes to choose from to create your personalized and ideal platform. These are organized into intuitive collections so that you find it easier to find the one that fits your requirements. Over four hundred and fifty autonomous developers have contributed to forming this far-reaching collection. In addition, Magento Marketplace assures greatest quality standards, each extension is tested for these set standards as well as their security and compatibility.

Magento’s plethora of Extensions can be placed into the following categories:

  1. Site Optimization Extensions: Extensions that improve site monitoring, hosting, and site performance.
  2. Shipping & Fulfilment Extensions:  Extensions that will add solutions for address verification, cross-border fulfillment, and order/warehouse management system extensions for you.
  3. Accounting & Finance Extensions: Extensions for ERP system integrations, taxes, and accounting.
  4. Marketing Extensions: Extensions for advertising, CRM, SEO/SEM, email marketing, and marketing automation.
  5. Reporting and Analytics Extensions
  6. Payments & Security Extensions: Extensions for easily adding checkout enhancements, payment integrations, and fraud prevention.
  7. Customer Support: Extensions for live chat, phone support, help center integrations, and more.
  8. Content & Customisation Extensions: Extensions for translation and localisation of languages, personalisation of experience, site navigation, product content etc.
  9. Sales Extensions: Extensions for Comparison Engines, POS, Pricing & Promotion etc.

Extensions that every budding Magento website shares:

Price Slider Daffodil

Customers often leave a store just because they cannot find the right products at the price they expected to find and/or can afford. This very basic and essential extension allows prospective buyers to specify a range of prices for the products they are looking for. Hence, helping them find the right product, at the right price, IN (the right) time.

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Mofluid – Mobile App Builder Extension 

This is the 21st century and if there is something that has become irreplaceable in everyone’s lives, it is mobile phones. Mobile phone apps are a key feature for nowadays e-commerce websites.

Mofluid offers complete apps for firms of all sizes. It is the ‘carrot’ that no business likes to miss out on. With its help, you wouldn’t have to go through the hefty work of building an app from the scratch yourself.

Magento Social Login Extension

I’m sure you’ve had to go through the trouble of having to fill long and detailed registration forms for a number of websites. At the same time, you must’ve also come across websites that allow you to simply register through pre-existing social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Yahoo, Google+ etc. I don’t think I have to establish what makes a more favorable experience.

This extension allows new visitors to register through one of such websites and thence expend their time just like any other registered customer. In short, less work, same experience.

Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension 

Arguably the most strategic on the list. The magento multi-vendor marketplace extension allows your website to become an energetic hub where a vast number of sellers (vendors) can interact with (potentially) all the buyers.

Regardless of any number of buyers or sellers, the impressive part is that you still get to retain all the control over vendors’ products, validation of the information illustrated, shipping and taxation charges, commission rates and… practically everything.

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Magento 2 Return Merchandise Authorisation

Since the start e-commerce businesses have known and recognized the need to be more flexible and promising to make up for their only major flaw: the inability to provide a personal and physical experience with the product.

Magento 2 RMA is a handy tool in line with that approach. It allows you to manage customer requests related to product return, refund, exchange, and order cancellation. Through it, your unregistered customers can make RMA requests as well.

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