What B2B marketers can learn from Ikea [infographic]

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How B2B marketers can deliver compelling content journeys to keep a buyer’s attention

Did you know 775,000,000 customers visited an IKEA store last year?

How can we take the success of IKEA and their journey through home decor and meatballs and apply this to B2B content marketing? Easy – think about everything IKEA do right and apply it in your own unique way!


For instance, consider these key approaches to B2B content marketing from IKEA’s layout:

  • Package related assets together
  • Let prospects preview content before filling in a form
  • Provide a one-way logical pathway (this allows more time, and money, spent on your product/service)
  • Ikea’s floor arrows direct you in your shopping journey, B2B marketers need to consider the sequencing flow and whether content (products) are aligned with the buying journey.

And, as a modern marketer, you rely on content to fuel your funnel and generate qualified demand. But what if you could turn every click you generate into an opportunity for your prospects to engage with more of your content while you have their precious attention? For more ideas for successful content marketing, The New Rules of Content Engagement will explain what signs you might have been missing, content management metrics and the importance of marketing automation.

This infographic by LookBookHQ takes you step by step through the IKEA journey and how every IKEA idea can be transformed into an effective B2B content marketing strategy.


What B2B Marketers can learn from Ikea

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