What is Oracle Infinity?

By: Steve Earl

Senior Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle InfinityTM is Oracle Marketing Cloud’s new data analytics platform for capturing, processing, storing and interrogating unlimited datasets for companies that want actionable customer intelligence to fuel their marketing programs. It’s a new approach that takes the promise of big data (which has been around for 10 years already) and transforms it into a tangible, meaningful and practical solution for the endless seas of digital information that companies have struggled to mine and utilize.

So why bring Infinity to the market now? With the rate of change in the digital world continuing to accelerate, there’s been a confluence of two powerful dynamics:

  • The move to marketing in a digital world
  • The viability of big data technologies

Digital Marketing Has Transformed to “Marketing in a Digital World”

The line has blurred between traditional marketing and digital marketing. Consider these related market drivers and challenges:

Channel Proliferation and the Internet of Things (IoT): The number of marketing channels and the complexity of consumer touchpoints continue to grow. The path to purchase almost always involves a variety of different channels, and is a combination of digital and non-digital. On top of this, the Internet of Things expands the definition of a digital touchpoint beyond a human to devices, appliances and any network-enabled object. Handling this data overload has become a ubiquitous challenge.

Power Shift to Consumers and the Need for Highly Relevant and Contextual Experiences: The digital world has moved the power to consumers. With greater access to quality content and information, consumers are well informed and demand top-notch experiences with brands. They want relevant and valuable experiences with every interaction, challenging brands to understand the discreet needs of individuals along their cross-channel journeys.

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Individual Data Privacy: Consumers now hate to have you intrude on their privacy, yet they expect you to know more! It’s a dilemma for marketers: Know me, but don’t know me. The solution is to exude brand trust by communicating: If you come into my house (website), I will treat you with respect, I won’t share your data, etc., but the more I know about you, the better I can make your next visit (interaction).

Big Data Technologies are now Viable

With a very active community, big data has matured rapidly in the last 10 years. Massively parallel technologies have been around for a long time, but now big data allows us to deliver this in the cloud as a reliable and maintainable service. New technologies must eventually solve real problems for the broader market to become mainstream and that’s what’s happened with big data. That is where Oracle Infinity comes in – at the confluence of marketing in a digital world and the viability of big data. Oracle Infinity leverages big data technologies to uncover actionable customer intelligence needed to deliver truly personalized experiences.

Why Oracle InfinityTM

Oracle Infinity empowers marketers to leverage the power of big data to put data in motion and make it available throughout the marketing ecosystem. It addresses a number of market demands including:

  • Supporting the massive scale and flexibility needed to collect behaviors across the IoT
  • Providing fast access and making all data and intelligence available in real time for immediate decision making
  • Unifying analytics by bringing together aggregate and visitor-level data in a single easy-to-use experience for both analysts and marketers
  • Enabling cross-channel insights and providing comprehensive insights on the customer’s cross-channel journey
  • Leveraging the latest algorithms to deliver accuracy at scale (i.e. accurate, reliable visitor data and analysis with absolutely no sampling)
  • Making all the data exportable to the broader marketing ecosystem for personalization and deeper analysis
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Oracle Infinity leverages the Hadoop ecosystem to deliver an end-to-end streaming data pipeline for collecting, processing, storing, interrogating and consuming large volumes of unstructured behavioral data. And it’s this core of the Oracle Infinity platform that will ultimately make the applications we build on top of it stand out in a competitive market. Oracle Infinity is a new standard of digital analytics that helps brands succeed in an increasingly data saturated world that is real time, easy to use, scalable, open, accurate and secure. 

Learn how you can deliver tomorrow’s analytics today, with Oracle Infinity. Download your copy of the eBook “Create Irresistible Customer Experiences with Oracle Infinity”  >> 

  Irresistible Customer Experiences with Oracle Infinity

Want to see it in action? Contact us and we will have an Oracle Infinity expert schedule some time with you to walk through a demo of this great new addition to the Oracle Marketing Cloud.

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